Hybrid power solutions

The power to decarbonize is yours with a hybrid power solution from Siemens Energy.
Decarbonized power

Change how you generate power – no matter where you are

Remote locations. Limited access to a grid or a grid that’s simply inefficient. New sustainability targets in an increasingly complex energy market. The challenges are many – but the solution is powerfully simple with a hybrid power solution from Siemens Energy.



Cost-optimized design of hybrid power plants

This white paper takes a close look at cost-optimized energy design for power plants that generate carbon-free electricity at a competitive price.



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How our hybrid power solutions integrate different technologies into one complete, smart plant – for electrification through renewables and optimized dispatch. 

Solar and wind power

Our hybrid power solution taps on many different technologies – such as solar photovoltaic (PV) technology and concentrated solar power (CSP) as well as offshore and onshore wind farms – to decarbonize power generation. 

Omnivise Hybrid Control

A control solution for medium and large microgrids as well as hybrid power plants: the Omnivise Hybrid Control is capable of managing a variety of different decentralized energy sources autonomously – ensuring reliable 24/7 operation.

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For optimum power reliability

Helping ensure stable and reliable power despite the volatility of renewable energy sources, our storage solutions include:

· Battery energy storage systems

· Mechanical storage systems (e.g., CEAS & LEAS)

· Chemical storage (e.g., hydrogen & fuel cell)

· Thermal storage systems

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Omnivise Dispatch Optimizer

The dispatch optimizer replies on real-time weather and load data as well as forecasts to calculate the optimal economic dispatch for all assets in a microgrid. It also takes into consideration any financial and technical parameters you might have. 

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Unlock more possibilities

Depending on what your location offers, our hybrid power solutions are also able to integrate other sources of energy to your existing assets. These include:

· Hydropower

· Biomass waste

· Geothermal power

· Thermal (gas or H2) technologies

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Use cases

For an independent, sustainable power in remote locations

The need for stable and reliable energy is universal – even on islands, mines and other remote locations. Get a closer look into how our hybrid power solutions tap on renewables to generate electricity that is sustainable yet affordable far from power transmission grids.



Webinar: Step-by-step decarbonization with Hybrid Power Plants

Decarbonization goals and targets are forcing the industry to think outside of the box and innovate. In this webinar, our experts discussed how to couple technologies into a Hybrid Power Plant, and how this can pave the way for additional decarbonization efforts.


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Length: 60 minutes

Economic benefits

Powerfully profitable

In addition to helping you optimize your power generation and meet your sustainability targets: our hybrid power solutions also offer a range of economic benefits to increase your overall profitability.

The power to optimize your OPEX…

…is yours thanks to optimized plant operation which lowers operating costs. We also support customers further optimize their microgrid after project implementation as well as help them find the best business case or operation model for their particular needs. What’s more, the advanced control capabilities built into the solution enable tariff optimization for complex energy markets as well as open the way to further revenue streams for increased overall profitability.


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Decarbonization in action

Find out how others tapped on the power of a hybrid control system from Siemens Energy for powerful benefits.


Hybrid power solutions from Siemens Energy

No matter how remote your location: the power to decarbonize is yours with a hybrid power solution from Siemens Energy. Integrating different technologies, our tailored solutions are designed to meet your local challenges and local needs. For powerful benefits across the board.  

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