Introducing a Blue 420 kV SF6-free solution

Developing a 420 kV SF6-free solution isn’t easy. But it is possible. And it’s available now, because climate change demands we act now to reduce the GWP of high-voltage products to Zero. Siemens Energy is supplying SSEN with a 600m gas-insulated busduct which cuts out 3 tons of SF6, by using clean air insulation instead, which is the equivalent of 75,000 tons of CO2. Connecting new renewable generation to the grid by operating at 420 kV voltage level. A significant step towards reducing the use of F-gases to Zero. 

Farewell to F-gases in switchgear

The vote for stricter F-gas regulations takes place in Brussels. A small step for the EU, a huge step for the climate. Because the greenhouse gases impact our world up to 22.500 times more than CO2. That’s why it is so important that SE partnered up with major switchgear manufacturers to develop the F-gas-free power grids of tomorrow. Now the EU needs to follow up by voting for an F-gas free future. Learn more about it: 

What would our power grids be without PFAS F-gases?

Read more about five good reasons to avoid PFAS F-gases in high-voltage electrical equipment to make them clean, safe and future-proof.


Balancing off SF6 gas - with trees

A clean break from F-gases

See why a switch to our zero-harm Blue switchgear is needed.



Less global warming potential is not good enough. It has to be zero, because 1% global warming potential is still global warming potential. It has to be zero and it has to be now.
Nikola Jankulovski, Siemens Energy Project Lead


We can’t do it alone, together we speed up the transition to Zero emissions!

Reducing the use of F-gases (including SF6) to Zero as soon as possible is important for everyone. So at Siemens Energy, we’re proud to find more and more partners of high and medium voltage equipment manufacturers joining our path to eliminate them completely from all of our products. The grids of tomorrow could rely simply on Natural-Origin Gases with Zero impact on the climate, the environment and human health.

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Sustainability by technology

The Blue portfolio: not just Zero F-gases, but Zero reduction in performance

In 2019 global carbon emissions hit an all-time record high of 36.8bn metric tons. To address this, our Blue products use vacuum switching technology and clean air insulation to produce Zero harmful emissions – and without having to compromise on performance or economic feasibility. The outstanding technical performance and low lifecycle costs make Blue the perfect choice for substation products.

Our Blue portfolio makes it possible to modernize and expand the existing power grids at the highest level of safety and to simultaneously reduce our ecological footprint to an enormous extent without having to compromise on performance and economic feasibility. The combination of vacuum switching technology and clean air insulation reduces emissions while greatly increasing the recycling rate – without maintenance. The outstanding technical performance and low lifecycle costs makes it a perfect choice for substation products. The technology is available for gas-insulated switchgear, circuit breakers and instrument transformers all with absolutely Zero CO2 equivalent emissions over the lifetime of the equipment.

Siemens Energy Blue high-voltage product portfolio

Presenting Zero: the Blue portfolio


Blue Portfolio Whitepaper

  • CO2 neutral Blue products for sustainable power grids with Zero greenhouse gases
  • Why phasing out F-gases is necessary and feasible.
TransnetBW award winners from left to right: Dr. Ulf Katschinski and Markus Klinner from Siemens Energy
TransnetBW, Stuttgart, 17 May 2022

Blue is honored!

Siemens Energy is the winner of this years TransnetBW supplier award in the category sustainability.

We would like to say "Thank you!" to our customers, who put so much trust into our sustainable products, with Zero compromise in environmental protection and performance.


Image: TransnetBW award winners from left to right: Dr. Ulf Katschinski and Markus Klinner from Siemens Energy

Criteria to be classified as blue

Blue products: made with zero compromise


Blue goes digital: why Sensgear makes sense.

Blue GIS for wind OEMs

Wind energy. Made even greener by our Blue switchgear.

Could offshore wind power be any cleaner? Actually, yes – when the turbines are fitted with Blue switchgear from Siemens Energy, delivering Zero F-gases and Zero GWP in transmission. Our 8VM1 Blue GIS is a success story of which we recently delivered no. 1000! This bay was one of 160 delivered to the world's largest wind farm, bringing Zero emissions to the renewable energy of the Netherlands.
Being CO2-neutral is the future and the target for our customers in the offshore wind market, as it is for us at Siemens Energy.
Ann-Sofie Bonde Mortensen Global Vertical Sales Manager Offshore Wind, Siemens Energy
BKK Nett, Koengen, Norway

How Blue is bringing Day Zero to Bergen Port

The picturesque port of Bergen in western Norway is a great attraction for cruise ships. However, these vessels used to power up in the harbour using their diesel engines – generating smog which lingered around the mountains surrounding the city. Now, thanks to BKK Nett and Blue switchgear technology, the ships use only clean power – with Zero greenhouse gas emissions, Zero F-gases and Zero pollution. Even better, Blue switchgear manufactured in the Berlin factory is made using only renewable energy. The aim is sustainability from the start; Day Zero from day one.
We managed to make the change in Bergen despite having restricted space in our substations. The station has now been in operation for a year, and the experience is what we expected: problem-free.
Jens Skår, Division Manager, BKK Nett
F-gas free. Digital. Integration of renewables. Sounds innovative? - Yes, available in southern Germany!

Zeroing in on clean energy in Burladingen

As the largest distribution system operator in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, Netze BW wanted to design a substation with ecological, yet economically sustainable components. With the previous delivery of a circuit-breaker with Zero F-gases for a substation in Nördlingen, Siemens Energy had already proven its competence in environmentally friendly products. Combined with a future-oriented vision of a digitally enabled substation, Netze BW is convinced to implement a complete digital substation in Burladingen.
The innovation level in this project is very high. The substation of the future is a bold step for us, that requires trust.
Marcel Engel, Netze BW expert for grid development
Fingrid is Zeroing in on Zero

A Finland first: a major new investment in switchgear with Zero F-gases

Siemens Energy has been awarded the contract to deliver ten bays of Blue gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) to Fingrid, Finland’s transmission system operator. It will be the first GIS in Finland that replaces F-gases with clean air, a pure mixture of nitrogen and oxygen with Zero potential for global warming. This will be the most significant Blue installation to date.
With Siemens Energy we have found a reliable partner that offers innovative products with absolutely zero climate-harming fluorinated gases.
Timo Kiiveri, Senior Vice President at Fingrid
Zero F-gases, fully digitalized

Intelligent and clean: Blue circuit breakers for substation Hesseln

At Hesseln substation, Germany, Siemens Energy and grid operator Westnetz are showing how innovation can drive decarbonization and digitalization in energy transmission. The installation of our Blue circuit breakers equipped with Sensgear™ deliver a completely F-gas-free and digitally enabled high-voltage operation.
The medium-term replacement of the insulating gas SF6 is an essential component of the decarbonization strategy of our EON Group. We therefore welcome the activities in industry to develop alternative products in order to be able to test them in our network, as well as the implementation of digitization components.
Dr. Markus Obergünner, Senior Vice President High Voltage Grid, Westnetz GmbH


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