Modernization & Upgrades for Industrial Steam Turbines

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Industrial steam turbines can have service lives of 30 years or more and are important components in many industrial processes, the oil and gas industry and power generation. It is very likely that turbine operating parameters will change along with market conditions over such long periods as well as when new processes and laws, like environmental standards, come along.   Modernization programs from Siemens help operators conserve precious resources while always keeping their systems at peak levels of efficiency, reliability and availability as well as power, flexibility, and environment-friendliness – with OEM-quality services. 


Smart Service Solutions

One of our key service goals is to minimize system downtime and resulting productivity losses. However, repairs and service activities are sometimes necessary to ensure that your systems continue to operate smoothly. Our aim is to carry out all maintenance activities rapidly, effectively and precisely; so that productivity is increased, not reduced.

A comprehensive portfolio of services

Siemens’ modernizations and upgrades for industrial steam turbines have been specially developed to meet the requirements for all different types of steam turbines and their applications. 

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of maintenance and service solutions, encompassing:

  • Installation and commissioning of your turbine by our field service and commissioning specialists
  • Scheduled maintenance and repairs on site or at one of our many service centers worldwide
  • State-of-the-art blade design and seal technologies
  • Improved turbine operation under high exhaust wetness conditions
  • Adaptation to more flexible operating parameters/ Optimization of the turbine low pressure (LP parts)
  • Retrofitting control systems to enable remote monitoring and diagnostic services (RDS)
  • System-related view of steam turbine auxiliary systems
  • Maintenance solutions and upgrades
  • Footprint solutions
  • Supply of spare parts

Improvement possibilities:

Explore the wide range of improvement possibilities with our modernization and upgrade portfolio for industrial steam turbine:


Our Benefits

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When choosing to modernize your steam turbine, you can benefit from:

  • Less downtime necessary than installing a new turbine thanks to upgrades & backfits
  • Thoroughly planned modernizations and upgrades
  • Implementing state-of-the-art technology and innovative solution
  • Cost-efficiency and reduction of investment costs by reusing existing parts, turbine systems and components
  • Less downtime necessary than installing a new turbines thanks to upgrades & backfits
  • Increase in the availability and reliability of your present machine, plus a possible improvement in efficiency
  • You can carry on production using  a turbine you are familiar with, and maybe even continue using spare parts that you already have in stock

Outcomes of modernization programs of industrial steam turbines

We work closely with you to anticipate potentially upcoming maintenance work, and develop options for implementing this work that will minimize your costs and downtime. Your specific requirements are taken into account, so you get a steam turbine that is precisely customized for maximum efficiency and specifically tailored to your needs. We are a partner you can rely on, whether you just need a component replaced or a complete turbine overhaul.

  • Keep downtime and production losses to a minimum
  • Optimize processes
  • Extend the lifecycle of turbines
  • Continue to work with familiar equipment and may even have relevant spare parts in store
  • Return of investment in a short time
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Options for modernizing aging steam turbines

Learn how you can improve your steam turbine's long-term performance and reliability through a footprint solution and other modernization techniques.

Footprint turbines

Footprint Solutions

A “footprint” turbine is a replacement turbine which does not require any significant modifications to be made to the existing baseframe or foundation. The existing oil system, gearbox and driven machine (generator, compressor, etc.) can also continue to be used with no, or only minor, modifications. If necessary, they can be adapted to the new operating parameters.

Why invest in a footprint turbine?

  • Your present steam turbine cannot be modified for technical reasons
  • The casing and steam admission components have reached the end of their service lifetime, and need to be replaced
  • Your turbine can no longer be operated continuously under design conditions
  • Inspections and overhauls on older turbines may take longer than scheduled because of unexpected findings

Potential benefits (subject to individual agreement):

  • Reduced plant downtime
  • Less time pressure: your original turbine can be overhauled/upgraded following disassembly while production continues using the footprint turbine
  • Low cost: use can be made of existing spare parts (such as rotor assemblies)
  • The footprint turbine is equipped with brand new, state-of-the-art components
  • Connections to the foundation, driven machine and piping mostly have the same dimensions
  • Added value: your overhauled turbine can subsequently serve as a spare unit.

DR-SST Footprint Concept

With the footprint concept, the turbine and all its components are modernized but their dimensions and the positioning of the flanges are not changed, with the result that they can be perfectly integrated into the existing infrastructure. In the process, it’s possible to determine exactly which turbine components should be reworked to improve efficiency or performance. 

Service programs

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Did you know that you can evaluate your current Siemens assets online and get an overview over potential improvements and latest information on modifications and upgrades? Based on your engine data and operating profile, we can advise you on potential improvements and modernization possibilities. In myAdvisor you can access the latest information on our modernization and upgrade portfolio and request further details and proposals.