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Hydrogen Solutions – Multi-talents for a sustainable and secure energy transition

Combating climate change requires the decarbonization of economic systems worldwide including all carbon-emitting sectors. More and more countries, regions and companies are committing themselves to climate neutrality and see hydrogen as key energy carrier to reach net zero CO₂ emissions in the future for those sectors in industry, mobility and energy that cannot be decarbonized by electrification.

Hydrogen is a versatile energy carrier.  As 

  • zero carbon energy source,
  • large scale and long-term storage media
  • important industrial feedstock, and  
  • basis for all kinds of e-fuels

it can be used in various sectors, not only in industry but also in transport, buildings and agriculture.


These benefits position hydrogen as a central vector, capable of connecting all carbon emitting sectors. It will thus shape and accelerate the transition into a carbon free energy society and economy.

"In answering the question of how we can meet the world’s growing energy needs while protecting the climate, hydrogen will be an important lever. It allows to decarbonize different sectors and to transport or store renewable energy. At Siemens Energy, we will continue to drive the development of a hydrogen economy."

Christian Bruch, CEO Siemens Energy

Reliable & Experienced – A long term partner

Hydrogen empowers the energy transition. And Siemens Energy has extensive knowledge in working with it.

Technologies of the future are not new to us. We have been working with hydrogen for decades. This makes our solutions proven and safe and makes us reliable technology and integration experts for all H2 application areas.

With continuous investments and proven experience in developing diverse turnkey solutions in the energy sector worldwide, we are a reliable partner across the entire hydrogen value chain – today, tomorrow and in the future.

We aim to lead the energy transition with renewable and low-carbon hydrogen solutions, including one of the world's largest Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolyzer expected to reach 1 gigawatt by 2030 and hydrogen-ready gas turbines.

2nd World Hydrogen Summit 2021

Listen to our expert: Hydrogen Opportunities arising from Industrial Applications

Hydrogen is one of the most important future technologies to reduce greenhouse gases and drive climate change, especially in industrial applications. But how exactly will the change take place? Do we need to replace fossil fuels with clean hydrogen immediately? What support do industries need from policymakers to successfully implement this change? These and other questions were explored at the World Hydrogen Summit. 

Watch the whole panel discussion here:
Video World Hydrogen Summit 2021

Sector Coupling and Power-to-X – Climate-neutral energy

Sector coupling is the energetic link of sectors like power, energy, mobility, industry or building. It acts as a link between renewable energy sources (wind, solar, water...) and consumers.

Power-to-X as the key technology in sector coupling allows us to transform and save energy from renewable ressources in a chemical form for long-term storage and use, with green hydrogen and its derivatives as the core component.


We want to decarbonize the energy systems of the future with all our might.

Governments around the world have started to develop hydrogen strategies and appropriate policies. 


As a competent partner, consultant and innovator with deep expertise in the field of energy, we build and shape the hydrogen economy from the very beginning. We develop and integrate technologies to cover the entire end-to-end value chain – from wind parks through power transmission, large-scale industrialization of water electrolysis, as well as compression, transport, storage and hydrogen-based power and heat generation.


To create a hydrogen economy that is sustainable and profitable in the long-term, we are working closely with partners from government, academia and industry.


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