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Energy saving solutions

with drive modernization

Reducing electrical consumption to lower energy costs

Siemens Energy offers a holistic approach that includes the identification of potential savings, and the analysis and implementation of suitable measures to modernize the entire drive train and enable significant energy savings. 

Over two thirds of the plant's auxiliary power demand comes from electrical drive systems. About 30% of drive systems such as pumps and fans could be run more efficiently. More than 97% of the entire life-cycle costs result from the energy needed to operate them. This considerable savings potential is just waiting to be tapped. With our energy-saving solutions the energy efficiency of drive systems can be significantly optimized.

Energy saving solutions in your hands

Our initial focus is on drives that promise a short-term payback for upgrade costs. We concentrate on rotating equipment operating with inefficient mechanical controls (throttle, bypass, dampers, inlet vane control etc.), and through drive modernization we optimize the energy efficiency of the entire drive train by implementing innovative and high-quality variable-speed drive solutions (VSD) and energy-saving motors. Our solutions also feature measures like the recovery of decelerating energy during braking among others.

Integrally geared compressor O2 package with highlighted parts

Energy savings solutions with VFD

The following picture compares the typical power consumption of two methods of flow control:

Interactive infographic/diagram for flow control

The benefits of our energy saving solutions include:

Benefit icon for reduced costs

Cut energy costs up to 60%

Benefit icon for reduced CO2 emissions

Reduced CO₂ emissions

Benefit icon for short payback period

Short payback period

Benefit icon for single partner

Single partner for entire project

Benefit icon for reduced maintenance

Reduced mechanical maintenance

Benefit icon for increased availability

Increased availability

Benefit icon for process control

Efficient process control

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