September 29, 2022
2 min read

Revamp for Two Ammonia Train Turbines - Delaval

New Steam Paths for Two 105JT Ammonia Steam Turbines Blower Drive Train

  • IST Delaval Legacy
  • Ordered Q1 2022

Project Description

One of our North American customers has two identical Delaval steam turbines to drive an ammonia compressor train for their 1100 tons/day ammonia production plants. The customer was eagerly looking for ways to improve their rated power, efficiency & reliability.


Siemens Energy recommended the customer to do a steam path revamp. Our proven solution increased the Delaval turbine's rated power from 13,095 HP to 17,000 HP, along with a 6-7% efficiency improvement. The improved steam path utilizes optimized airfoil designs, improved seals, and a fine-tuned aerodynamic match of stationary to rotating airfoils. Additionally, improvements to the mechanical components such as bearings, seals, and valve operating gear parts lead to improved reliability as, the customer wanted. Our solution has been sucessfully implemented at the customer site. 

Customer Value

The increased rated power of ~4,000 HP helps the customer to expand their production. The 6-7% efficiency gains help the customer reduce fuel costs and lower steam consumption. Additionally, recovery of aging losses will have further steam consumption savings. Improved mechanical reliability helps keep the train online by reducing the number of forced shutdowns.. 

Delaval Ammonia Turbine Design Rating - After Revamp


InletExhaust PressurePowerSpeed
545 PSIG / 610°F4” HgA 17,000 HP7,035 Rated RPM

Performance Comparison - Before & After Revamp


Original Steam Flow @ 13,095 HPAdjusted Steam Flow for aging loss (est’d) 13,095 HP Revamp Steam Path @ orig 13,095 HPRevamp Steam Path @ 17,000 HP
116,000 Lb/hr124,000 Lb/hr109,000 Lb/hr140,600 Lb/hr
8.86 Lb/HP-Hr9.47 Lb/HP-Hr8.32 Lb/HP-Hr8.27 Lb/HP- Hr