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Siemens Energy provides integrated Gas to Power solutions throughout the LNG value chain, offering pre-FEED services, traditional equipment supply, and trusted partnerships through EPC joint ventures. We collaborate with owners, developers, liquefaction licensors, and EPCs, leveraging extensive capabilities in engineering, module fabrication, digital solutions, and financing. Siemens Energy is your sustainable partner from ideation through the lifecycle of your facility.

Project Lifecycle Support

We can help you through all the phases of your LNG project
Case Study

Integrated LNG-to-Power project

Siemens Energy has secured an order for the turnkey construction of a new combined cycle power plant for the integrated LNG-to-Power project GNA 1 of Gás Natural Açu in the Port of Açu in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Siemens Energy is providing an equity investment and owns one-third of the project company Gás Natural Açu (GNA) together with Brazil logistics company Prumo Logística S.A. and BP.

In addition, Siemens Energy signed a long-term service agreement and will operate and maintain the plant to help ensure reliability, availability and operational performance. The order is the first application for the highly efficient and proven Siemens Energy H-class gas turbine in Brazil. With a capacity of approximately 1.3 gigawatts (GW), the power plant will provide affordable and clean energy for Brazil. Total project volume for GNA 1 is approximately €1 billion (R$4.5 billion).

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Equipment Solutions

With the industry’s broadest range of solutions for power generation, electrification, compression, and process automation, Siemens Energy is uniquely capable of delivering fit-for-purpose equipment that matches the precise requirements of your LNG facility. Our approach focuses on helping operators reduce lifecycle costs and maximize the efficiency of their facilities by supplying optimized equipment and service packages that take into account critical project factors, such as train size, liquefaction licensor and operating environment.

Gas Turbines and Electric Drives for Main Refrigerant Compression 

A key decision that must be made during the design phase of LNG plants is the type of driver that will be used to power refrigeration compressors – the two most common of which are gas turbines or electric drives. Each driver configuration presents its own unique advantages, disadvantages, and subsequent trade-offs with regards to CAPEX, OPEX, maintenance, emissions, efficiency, and availability. Siemens Energy offers an extensive range of gas turbines and electric drives, which allows us to provide an optimized solution that aligns with the objectives of the LNG facility operator and other plant variables, such as train size, liquefaction technology and operating environment. 

BOG and Auxiliary Compression Trains

Siemens Energy offers solutions for all compression tasks at liquefaction and regasification terminals. We are one of very few companies that can provide fully integrated compression solutions with driver and all auxiliary systems on a base frame for ease of handling and reduced site installation time. The equipment we supply includes compressors for main refrigerant cycles, natural-gas booster compressors, and boil-off and end-flash gas compressors. Depending on plant design, compressors can be driven by an electrical or mechanical drive system.


With over 90% market share in cryogenic BOG compression, we have the experience to handle your most difficult application challenges.

Gas Turbines for LNG

Siemens Energy offers a wide range of gas turbines designed to meet the need of your specific power output. With a proven, long-term track record of successful installations around the world, our gas turbines are ideal engines for the LNG industry. These machines meet requirements for efficiency and reliability, while offering low lifecycle costs to maximize your return on investment.

E-houses and Modules

The oil and gas industry demands field-proven power and compression solutions that ensure safe operations, enhance installation efficiency, minimize downtime, and address space constraints. To meet these requirements, Siemens draws on decades of experience to offer highly reliable plug-and-play modules for power generation; high-, medium-, and low- voltage (HV, MV, and LV) power distribution; and compression for both offshore and onshore applications. Designed, fabricated, and pre-tested in our managed yard in Batam, Indonesia and in third party yards, our modules are tailored to your specific LNG facility needs. 


Modular construction of LNG facilities has proved effective in helping mitigate the risk associated with project cost overruns and schedule delays, which often occur as a result of complications during onsite construction. This has particularly been the case for module development across Asia and for LNG plants being built in harsh and/or remote operating environments. Siemens has extensive experience leveraging modularization to streamline development of LNG facilities and minimize overall risk to project stakeholders. 


The application of digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), digital twins, and predictive analytics represents a tremendous opportunity for LNG developers and operators to improve the economic viability of their facilities. With our extensive portfolio of software and digital solutions, Siemens Energy helps LNG plant operators capitalize on Industry 4.0 by unlocking hidden value in data to generate efficiency gains, emissions reductions, and operational cost savings.

Digital Solutions for LNG

Watch the video to learn how Siemens Energy applied its extensive experience with digitalization to reduce downtime for the Hammerfest LNG facility in Norway.


LNG Projects

Financing Engineering

Innovative LNG Finance Solutions

Siemens offers investment solutions ranging from advisory services to both debt and equity options to help our LNG clients address their project needs.

  • Debt solutions -  Our debt solutions range from senior secured corporate loans and structured investment financing (like leases and loans) to infrastructure and project financing. 
  • Equity investments - As project developer and committed equity investor, we provide the structure your project needs to excel in every phase, ensuring that you can meet your short- and long-term financial goals 
  • Early-stage development - Securing adequate funding for early-stage project items is critical for Gas to Power projects.  Siemens selectively supports captive finance opportunities for early stage development.  

Articles, Interviews and Press Releases

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