Innovative Power Plant Solutions

Individual power plants that create value

As energy consumption will continue to increase in the years to come, efficient power generation will be a vital component to reliable, eco-friendly energy systems. Fluctuations are more frequently and at shorter intervals. Energy markets around the world are demanding more and more from their participants – whether that be responding flexibly to fluctuations, observing increasingly stringent emission limits, supplying power at lower and lower costs, or ensuring supply under adverse conditions. Anyone looking to stay ahead of the game needs more than an “off-the-shelf” power plant.   You need an individual power plant solution aligned with your objectives? Whether it’s a small, integrated system or a heavy-duty power plant, a purely gas-fired simple cycle or a combined cycle power plant, we’ll collaborate closely with you to find and construct a solution optimized specifically for you.

Heavy-duty power plant solutions

Gas-fired peak performance

  • Efficient and flexible: profitable base load, intermediate load and peak load supply
  • Suited to requirements: gas-fired simple cycle or combined cycle power plants
  • Durable: proven components and lifetime service

Industrial power plant solutions

Autonomous energy supply

  • Independent: your own electricity generation for your plant, extracting process steam as appropriate
  • Flexible: freedom to choose your fuels
  • Suited to requirements: proven in applications from remote mines to high-performance chemical plants

Combined heat and power plants

Optimum fuel utilization

  • Doubly useful: electricity generation plus profitable use of waste heat
  • Independent: electricity and heat for industrial facilities or utilities
  • Sustainable: improved carbon footprint combined with cost savings

Power plant components

Proven technologies

  • Reliable: millions of operating hours and record-breaking efficiency 
  • Profitable: components for the economic challenges of today’s energy markets
  • Environmentally friendly: greater efficiency with lower emissions

SIESTART™ hybrid solutions

Boosting existing and new plants

-   Fast and efficient: combining the high performance of a conventional power plant     with the instantaneous response of a battery storage system

-   Reliable solutions from a reliable partner: flexible power generation for the                changing demands of the grid

-   Future-proof design: modular, expandable, cutting edge solutions available for     fast delivery

Heat Transfer Technology (HTT)

An essential element

-    Fast start & cycling operations: steam generation based on Benson® once-through technology 


-    Quick response to power demand: drum-type heat recovery steam generators


-    The benefit of design - fitting your purpose: available in vertical as well as in horizontal configuration

Benson® technology

Our know-how makes you flexible

-   Highly efficient: increased efficiency in part-load operation and at high ambient temperatures

-   Flexible and reliable: increasing operational flexibility

-   No limit: on gas turbine load transients during startup and load changes, and no limit on load transients for possible duct firing

Small hydro power

Profitable investment

  • Practical: Low priced energy source with no CO2 emissions 
  • Independent: small, decentralized systems
  • Proven: complete turnkey solutions from a trusted partner with decades of experience

Steam power plants

High power output with low emissions

Steam turbines in CCPPs

Efficiency levels of more than 60 percent

DCS for new power plants

SeaFloat power plants

Floating power plants

  • Better constructability with lower cost
  • Reduced project risks with plug and play concept
  • Faster project schedule

Echogen® technology 

Waste heat recovery (WHR) based on Echogen® supercritical CO2 technology

  • Compact, flexible system can integrate with a variety of heat sources
  • Generates power at a competitive installed cost, reducing overall cost of electricity
  • Produces fuel-free, emission free electricity to meet environmental regulation

Heat ReCyle Solutions

The cleaner and efficient alternative

  • Combining the simplicity of Organic Rankine Cycle design and the proven performance of gas turbines results in a cost-effective alternative power plant
  • No water usage, lower emissions, and limited noise pollution support a better climate
  • State of the art technology, providing remote and unmanned operations, ready for a new era
Decentral Hybrid Solutions

Decentral Hybrid Solutions

Reliable generation through an integrated approach

  • Innovations for a cleaner energy future: Optimized solutions to maximize efficiency and transition to renewable generation mix
  • Energy industry shifting towards decentralization: Providing reliable generation that can adapt to local needs
  • Desire for easier operations and maintenance of systems: Delivering the simplicity of a single power plant to a complex hybrid solution
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Press release

SeaFloat power plants will support New York's renewable energy strategy

Astoria Generating Company and Siemens signed a contract for the turnkey construction of two SeaFloat power plants to be equipped with eight Siemens SGT·A65 gas turbines. 

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Experience and expertise in power plant construction

Power of innovation built on tradition

Our ideas grow from experience: In 1866, Werner von Siemens developed the first electric generator, and Siemens built the first power plant in 1885. This spirit of invention is what has driven our power business ever since. Since 1990, we’ve connected more than 225 turnkey power plants to the grid collectively supplying more than 126 GW of power. Each of them has been constructed with customized solutions to meet our customers’ individual challenges. In other words, we’ve always been involved in supplying electricity to industries, regions, and people all over the world. That’s what we mean by “Ingenuity for Life” in the power plant business.

A truly integrated solution always comes from a single source

We have the most extensive in-house technology portfolio on the market, which allows us to choose the most appropriate products to incorporate into your solution. That  allows you to benefit from our expertise as an OEM EPC and from the certainty of one-stop procurement – for every one of your projects.

• From individual components like I&C to power islands and turnkey power plants

• Simple cycle power plants, thermal power plants, combined cycle power  plants

• From industrial of about 20 MW to 2,000-MW heavy-duty power plants

• For 50- and 60-Hz grids

• As combined heat and power (CHP) for maximum fuel utilization

• Net plant efficiencies in excess of 61 percent

• Extraordinarily reliable, low in emissions, and easy on resources

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Floating power plants’ unique characteristic is the ability to deliver them in one piece; almost completely pre-installed following a smart plug & play philosophy. Our new SeaFloat floating power plant concepts can be utilized for mobile and/or permanent installation to alleviate energy shortages for national grid or industrial application. Mobility, flexibility, decentralized power generation, shorter construction time, reliable technology, robust design, optimization for easy maintenance bring benefits and increase your added value. 

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Scope of supply

The scope you need - From package to full turnkey power plant

You can choose between different scopes of supply – from core turbine only, gas turbine packages up to complete gas-fired power plants.
Customer story

From Berlin to Berlin!

See how our customer Vattenfall and we work together for more heat, power and climate protection in #Berlin-Marzahn

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Siemens power plants supply the world: examples of successful partnerships

More than 1,500 Siemens power plants are in operation around the world. Here is a selection of the top projects we’ve implemented for our customers.
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