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SPPA-T3000 Control System

Reliable, predictable plant operation for maximum performance: SPPA-T3000 helps power plant operators safeguard their business success – even as conditions in the energy industry become increasingly difficult and unforeseeable, and new challenges and opportunities demand speed and flexibility. SPPA-T3000 was developed by power plant experts for power plant experts. We gained a great deal of experience from the design of our fleet that is installed across the globe. And we have incorporated all this knowledge into our SPPA-T3000 control system.






SPPA-T3000: IEC Certification

Cyber-secure today and in the future

SPPA-T3000: optimized HMI

Improve performance in power plant operation

The reliability and predictability of power plant operation greatly depends on the control room operator’s ability to take the right action at the right time. SPPA-T3000 is specifically tailored to the operator’s tasks and requirements. An intuitive and safe operation, ergonomic design, and adaptability to the needs of your company support the operator during daily routines as well as during critical situations. This improves operator effectiveness and efficiency – and directly affects the availability of your entire plant’s operations.
SPPA-T3000: Movie on Release R8.2 with new features of Service Pack 3 and 4

Everything under control - in the most reliable and predictive way with SPPA-T3000

System design

Hardware and software architecture optimized for the power plant process

SPPA-T3000 is tailored to current and future requirements of power and heat generation processes. The system has been developed using our deep plant expertise and time-proven standards – particularly adapted in hardware, specific control algorithms and concepts, unique closed and open loop controls, and a huge comprehensive function library. 

Embedded Component Services™

In traditional control systems, different subsystems are provided – each designed for a specific task. The concept of Embedded Component Services in SPPA-T3000 eliminates subsystems. It is object-oriented and keeps data consistent. All information on individual process components is integrated into a data object – from engineering, operation, and diagnostics to alarming and archiving.


Your benefits

  • Consistent views at all times
  • Hardware-independent software architecture
  • No subsystem boundaries

Clear levels and security zones

SPPA-T3000 is based on a client/server architecture. All the levels are separated from one another, with protocol changes between the field, automation, application, and operation and monitoring levels. The system’s specific security zone architecture is based on this. Communication within the system is in complete conformity with common industry standards.


Your benefits

  • Maximum availability of the control system and the communication infrastructure
  • Long-term, worldwide availability of all components
  • Security by design

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The current release

SPPA-T3000 R8.2: Because stability matters

Longevity is a question of adaptability. Safeguard your power plant operation for years to come. Stay flexible and resilient so that you’ll always be able to successfully handle new challenges and take advantage of market opportunities. Make a secure investment – with a system that always stays state of the art.

Lifecycle concept

Siemens Energy develops durable systems and supports them for the entire lifetime of a power plant. Upgrades, migrations and concepts for the transition to new technologies are an integral part of our system development from day one. With SPPA-T3000, you can run different generations of control systems in parallel. This gives you the flexibility to tailor lifecycle concepts to your requirements. Innovations and technical advances are designed to be integrated without system changes – for long-term stability due to a future-proof system. 

Compact hardware

The modular, compact SIMATIC ET 200SP HA I/O system supports the entire range of I/O functions for power plant automation. It is connected via PROFINET to the AS-S7 Automation Server or to the AS3000, which in Release R8.2 is based on new hardware.

The CS3000 Communication Server hardware has also been renewed. You can rely on high-performance processing units required by demanding automation tasks and closed-loop controls as well as a design that withstands harsh environmental conditions. Therefore, you’ll be on the safe side over the long term.

Applications in the energy industry

DCS for power and heat generation

At Siemens Energy, we have engineered, designed and built power plants for decades. We know the process like the back of our hand. Having automated with SPPA-T3000 more than 4,000 units worldwide, we have translated all our power plant and automation experience into the SPPA-T3000 – from hardware and specific control algorithms to function libraries and power plant-specific concepts. You can rely on our proven, future-ready control technology – from power plant experts for power plant experts.

Large fossil fuel-fired power stations

SPPA-T3000 is ideal for large fossil-fueled power stations. Complex systems with several tens of thousands of I/Os deserve an integrated automation and optimized process control that get the most out of a plant. The strengths of our control system pay off – in engineering as well as in safe, reliable operation.

Industrial power plants

In industrial plants, generating electricity and heat on-site is increasingly rewarding. Installations from five to 250 MW contribute to energy independence and to a flexible, on-demand supply. Once again, SPPA-T3000 plays to its strengths: efficient and reliable automation with optimal integration into the overall plant.


Small power plants and auxiliary installations

The trend is toward a decentralized power supply. The SPPA-T3000 is available in all sizes – for the autonomous operation of distributed plants, for the integration of plant auxiliaries into the main control system.



Uncompromisingly secure and resilient

The goal: to keep your power plant running throughout its entire lifetime. The means: the right control technology to support you. It has to be robust and resilient while remaining flexibly adaptable to future requirements. With SPPA-T3000, you benefit from built-in security. The defense-in-depth concept strengthens your system to withstand external attacks. And we provide long-term support that you can rely on to keep your system up to date – at the security level that meets your requirements.

Ready to respond to unknown risks

Siemens Energy is continuously developing security features for SPPA-T3000. Current features include:

  • Malware protection
  • Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS)
  • Application whitelisting
  • Security event monitoring
  • Configuration change monitoring
  • OPC UA Security Broker
  • Central Patch Management

Current hardware is supported on a long-term basis. Software is provided with security patches that have been tried and tested. Deployed from the central Security Server, installation of the patches is possible at any time during operation. For you, this means long-term security – with no downtime.

Redefining performance in real life

Improving reliability and flexibility, increasing flexibility, reducing costs, and ensuring resiliency aren’t just ideals for a vision of the future. Redefining performance starts today. Discover how future-oriented planning has already re-energized energy producers to accelerate their success.
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Improved power plant performance worldwide

SPPA-T3000 provides improved performance and reliable and predictable plant operation around the world, both today and in the future. See for yourself.
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