Paving the way to a decarbonized power grid

A decarbonized grid is crucial for the energy transition

To cope with the growing infeed of fluctuating renewables, the transmission and distribution network needs modernization, expansion, and improvements in efficiency as well as stability. We are increasing the efficiency of our transmission technologies to transport renewable energy to consumers faster, over longer distances, more reliably and with lower losses. In addition, we are expanding our market leading portfolio of SF6-free transmission products and systems. With the blue portfolio we are defining new and exceptionally stringent criteria that far exceed the scope of current safety and environmental standards setting the pace in decarbonization efforts. We are supporting our customers on their path towards decarbonization by offering efficient, reliable products and solutions that reduce both - emissions and costs.

SF6 Free Blue Portfolio

Green is not enough: The Blue Portfolio 

Our transmission products from the Blue Portfolio substitute SF6, the strongest GHG in the world, with a completely GHG free technology: Vacuum interrupter and clean-air insulation technology. Additionally, this improves switching performance, simplifies operation and maintenance and provides highest health and safety benefits. Blue products are the core of GHG and CO2 neutral power transmission grids.

Eco Design Transformers

Eco-friendly and safe: Transformer insulation with alternative fluids

The use of biodegradable ester fluids as insulation of transformers instead of oil considerably increases the climate performance of the grid infrastructure. Ester fluids have a lower flame point and can be sustainably used offshore and in other sensitive environmental areas.


Optimized, highly, efficient, distribution transformers in full compliance with the EU MEPS (European Minimum Energy Performance Standard), commonly referred to as the Eco Design directive.

Highly efficient HVDC Transmission

Highly Efficient HVDC Transmission

HVDC technology offers the most efficient solution to transmit large amounts of power over long distances with low losses. It’ the technology of choice for grid access to remote large scale renewable sources, like offshore wind, integrating bulk renewable power into the grid while providing a power backbone for extended AC systems. HVDC allows pan-continental power system integration including asynchronous areas. This makes HVDC a key enabler of decarbonization.

Grid Stability Packages

Grid Stabilization by Voltage, Frequency Support and Load Flow Control

To enable the energy transition an improvement of existing grids infrastructure to handle renewable power infeed by stabilizing the grid is needed. Grid stabilization equipment for reliable, highly efficient, and safe grid operation. Our FACTS portfolio helps stabilizing voltage and frequency in grids with increasing share of renewables. Latest technology improves transmission capability as well as quality and provides fast-acting reactive power compensations, when needed.

Alternative Fluids

Alternative Fluids / Ester

Alternative Fluids

Alternative fluids are an effective lever to increase sustainability and safety of transmission and distribution products. Natural and synthetic ester insulation is now not only available for transformers, but also for bushings, coils and instrument transformers.

More details can be found in the pdf Alternative Fluids available to download.

Grid Access for Offshore Wind

Next Generation Grid Access for Offshore Wind

Next generation grid access combines AC collector platforms with HVDC transmission links on one platform. Lowering cost for grid access solutions to ensure competitiveness with non-renewable energy generation is key for sustainable energy transition. Our efficiency optimized and decarbonized products and systems are an enabler to increase the renewable share in energy supply systems.

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