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Sensproducts™ - from products to system intelligence

Converting your substations into data hubs. With the success of Sensformer™ and Sensgear™, all our transmission products have connectivity features inbuilt by default. With this step, the high-quality substation products of Siemens Energy are now boosted to a new, digitalized level.

Born connected 3.0: From “connected” products to systems

Digitalization is a chance and an enabler. It empowers industries to tackle their current challenges, for example, implementing improvements in performance, health, safety and environmental topics, as well as cost and risk reductions. However, in order to benefit from digitalization, it is necessary to generate data first. While these opportunities seem to already be common sense in many industries, the transmission and distribution industry was not able to benefit from this industrial revolution for a long time.

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Watch how our Sensproducts™ can change your future grid operation.

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This area is all about serving with information about references, events and news. Our Sensproducts™ and the future of digitalization in transmission equipment are constantly developing. Stay updated about new products and features as well as events where you can meet with us, in person or virtual.

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