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Grid digitalization

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We consult, expand, automate and upgrade the electricity grid.

The role of digitization in energy transmission and distribution is becoming increasingly significant due to the growing complexity of grid structures and the rising importance of environmental compatibility. Ensuring a reliable power supply for consumers while keeping transmission and distribution costs low is essential.

All our Sensproducts™ have connectivity features inbuilt by default. With this step, the high-quality substation products of Siemens Energy are now boosted to a new, digitalized level.



Grid digitalization

Our Sensproducts™ are advanced asset performance management systems for high voltage equipment, designed to boost the reliability, flexibility, and performance of high-value assets via software applications that transform equipment data into actionable insights. 

By harnessing the know-how of our experts and leveraging state-of-the-art technologies, our solutions empower customers to make
informed decisions, optimizing asset performance, improving throughput, reducing operational costs and extending asset lifecycle.

electrical balance of plant

All assets in one digital platform

Sensproducts™ offer an all-in-one solution for all your asset performance management needs.

Our new and improved platform merges the known Sensformer™ and Sensgear™ functionalities to finally manage the whole fleet in one place, including all energy assets:


  • Power transformer
  • Distribution transformer
  • Circuit breaker
  • Gas-insulated switchgear
  • Surge arrester

We offer the following software packages for your transformer

Sensformer™ monitoring


Stay ahead: Plan for the unexpected with confidence.

Maximize asset transparency and availability via live data monitoring, alarms and notifications. Prevent unplanned downtime and conduct preventive maintenance activities based on live data from your transformer.

Sensformer™ reliability


Protect your investment with the power of extended diagnostics.

Benefit from extended diagnostic capabilities that empower you to have better control on health conditions and the operational reliability of your transformer, resulting in minimizing the likelihood of failures.

Sensformer™ dynamic operation

Boost your profitability with dynamic equipment management.

Efficiently address the ever-changing demands of the grid with dynamic rating, supported by our cutting-edge thermal models. Experience seamless operations while utilizing your transformers to their fullest potential, ensuring optimized performance and utmost efficiency.

Sensformer™ asset performance

Unleash unparalleled performance insights: the all-in-one solution.

Embrace a holistic approach to your operations with our complete package. Availability, reliability, efficiency, and sustainability.  Experience a well-rounded solution that caters to every aspect of operational excellence.

One monitoring system, with upgradable software packages to fit specific business needs

DGA diagnostics X X
Bushing diagnostics X X
Simulation  XX
SelfCare   X

Sensgear ™ - Our digital monitoring solution for your switchgear


Sensgear™ monitoring module gives you the transparency necessary to prevent unplanned downtime and conduct condition-based maintenance activities based on live condition from your switchgear. Maximize asset transparency and availability via live data monitoring, alarms and notifications. 

Gas inventory and trending

Sensgear™ gas inventory and trending supports to comply to legislation, eliminate travel to the site and manual work, as well as to avoid critical gas emission and penalties.