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Control Solutions

Plant control solutions that connect to tomorrow

Today's plants must adapt to meet challenging energy and operational demands. Siemens Energy Automation and Control Solutions, led by Omnivise T3000, provides proven, flexible solutions to meet those needs today and empower your digital future.

Key benefits

Improves operator effectiveness and efficiency

Increases plant availability and flexibility

Reduces operating cost

For all types of power generation

Featured Solution

Omnivise T3000 - your bridge into the future

Today’s energy landscape requires a control system for conventional power plants as well as decentralized power generation like renewables. No matter what type or size of plant, Omnivise T3000 remains a constant in this dynamic environment. Built on the legacy of SPPA-T3000, which has proven itself for decades, the latest release of Omnivise T3000 supports you with the innovations you need to build a bridge to the energy systems of tomorrow.

What you need to know

  • Runs your plant efficiently, safely, and reliably, today and tomorrow
  • Meets rigorous cybersecurity regulations
  • Directly increases availability of your entire fleet
  • Integrates technical advances without system changes

Additional information

  • T3000 Virtual
    See how to connect real-plant DCS system or simulators to virtual reality applications!
  • T3000 Cybersecurity
    Learn how T3000 keeps your system secure though advanced integrated services. 

T3000 Downloads

  • T3000 Latest Innovation
    Find out how T3000’s latest release, R9.2, safeguards your plant for years to come. 
  • T3000 SCADA
    Read how T3000 can fit even small plants and auxiliary installations.
  • T3000 Simulator
    This flyer highlights how our simulators can help optimize the potential of your operators’ performance without risk.

Our Control Solutions

Omnivise T3000 Control System

Start here...optimize performance and begin the journey of plant-wide integrated automation.

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T3000 Control System

Learn more

Turbine Generator Automation and Protection

Optimize generator operation to maximize benefits.

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Rotating Equiptment Monitoring and Protection

Learn more


Electro-Hydraulic Control

Learn more


Combustion Dynamic Monitoring and Protection

Learn more




Autonomous Plant Control Operations

Leverage your data to generate insights that can be turned into tangible action.

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Alarm Analytics

Learn more

Omnivise Control Services

Omnivise Control Services

Support your plant's automation through training, consultation, and other support services.

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Remote Expert Center

Learn more


Training and Consulting

Learn more


Lifecycle Services

Learn more


Preventative Services

Learn more

Omnivise T3000 For Renewables

Omnivise T3000 for Renewables

Control solutions to help optimize today's renewable and hybrid power generation.

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Comprehensive solutions for offshore wind

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Please note: SPPA–T3000 is now referred to as Omnivise T3000–some publications and marketing materials have yet to be updated.

Control by the numbers

More than


projects equipped with T3000

Investment protection until


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Global service


ready to quickly find a solution

Working together to address your needs

When it comes to control systems, every power generating facility is different. Siemens Energy takes great pride in a collaborative process that truly partners with your team to develop effective, customizable control solutions.



Success around the globe

wind turbine farm
Omnivise T3000 powers the making of eFuels

The world’s first integrated, commercial, industrial-scale hydrogen plant for making synthetic climate-neutral fuels, with Omnivise T3000 at the helm.

Read More Read more
Saudi Arabia
T3000 delivers flexibility, resiliency, and security

By modernizing their distributed control system, Siemens Energy helped maximize safety and security while minimizing downtime.

See video Download this success story
Redding Electric, California
Redding Electric Utility

A new T3000 system has brought reliable services, long-term parts programs, lower emissions, and security to power plant in Redding, California.

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Performance Solutions optimizes operational planning, startup, shutdown, grid services and more.

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Predictive Maintenance and Asset Management Solutions applies data analysis and predictive software to optimize your plant’s maintenance operations.

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Omnivise Control

Automated Control Solutions include advanced digital control applications for your DCS systems, simulations, data integration, and more.

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Cybersecurity Solutions protect your plant’s systems, software and fleet from cyberattack, today, tomorrow, and beyond

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