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The world needs a broad portfolio of energy for achieving net zero CO₂ emissions

The energy market is undergoing drastic changes. Renewable power from wind and sun has the lowest Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE).

As a result, installed renewable capacity is growing massively and the power generation sector will probably be the first sector to reach net zero CO₂ -emissions. However, in order to achieve a 24/7 decarbonized power system, solutions for storage, backup capacity, grid stability, and autonomous power control will be required. Hybrid power plants can even integrate these solutions with renewable power at one site. The key to de-carbonizing other sectors such as industry, transportation, or agriculture is sector-coupling, facilitated through technologies like industrial heat pumps and power-to-X-solutions such as power-to-hydrogenpower-to-kerosene, or power-to-ammonia. Siemens Energy is a major provider of technologies that may drive the energy transition.


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But investing in decarbonized energy assets is only the first step

Effective management of sustainable energy assets is critical for a successful energy transition.

In order to make the energy transition a success, these assets need to be operated reliably and efficiently throughout their lifetime. To ensure the return on their investment, asset owners need to continuously perform maintenance activities that ensure plant availability.


Dispatch of the plant must be adjusted constantly to the latest energy market data.

In order to stay competitive, OPEX (operating expenditure) can be reduced by taking advantage of opportunities generated by digital transformation, from remote support through remote operation up to the autonomous operation. This is especially true for island power grids or remote locations.


Finally, a proactive risk strategy with regard to technological risks, and market risks as well as ESG standards (environmental, social, and governance) is vital.

Our tailored service agreements help you to better focus on your core business

We will collaborate to develop the best solution for your service needs. There are a number of modules available to select from, depending on what you are looking for:

We certify that your products are carbon neutral.

Complete management of energy  assets including financial management, energy optimization, and O&M all from a signle point of contact.                   

Integrated preparation of your service activity for improved availability.

Parts availability and efficient transport, even to remote locations.

We bring field service specialists fast to site. Wherever needed, whenever needed.

Continuosly improve efficiency and reliability with our digital tools. Our Power Diagnostics® Center (PDC) is staffed 24/7 to enable rapid response.

Potential revenue increase from combination of energy market data with weather forecast and technical domain knowledge from the digital twin.

We take primary responsibility for a defined O&M scope which can allow you to concentrate on your core business.

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