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How can we meet the growing energy demand and protect our climate? We are committed to providing answers. We drive the transition to more sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy systems. With our innovative technologies, clear focus on the needs of our customers, and more than 91,000 dedicated employees, we energize society. That’s our aim. That’s our purpose. Let’s make tomorrow different today!
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There is no doubt that the needs of society are rapidly changing. The key to staying focused is constantly listening to our customers, not only their current, but their future needs. We are commited to servicing our customers assets effectively and efficiently, and ultimately energizes society. This is at the heart of Siemens Energy.

Nick, Business Administration professional

Affordable and sustainable energy for all generations



Energy Transition is an opportunity for new technology and our goal is to make this transition journey as digitalized and as affordable as possible. Co-creation allows us to maximize our capability and strengths in a shared ecosystem, work towards the same goal and accelerate the energy transition.

Sara, Bid and proposal Manager

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Climate change is affecting all of us. To make an impactful change, it will require actions and participation from everyone. I believe that diverse and inclusive thinking can do incredible things. It connects employees with different backgrounds, religions, cultures, and abilities - like putting puzzles pieces together for a big complete picture.

Janthanee, Project Manager

Diverse and inclusive world of Siemens Energy



Everybody has a role to play in our ongoing battle against climate change, both as an individual and as a company. We can work together in reducing our emissions footprint by focusing on integrating more renewable energy sources and increasing the efficiency of existing assets.

Daryl, Technical Support Engineer

Modernization and Upgrade enhances the performance of our existing assets


More than 90,000 employees around the world are passionately pursuing one common goal: to energize society with affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy systems.

Join our great team and put your energy to use.


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