Services for Overhead Lines - SIEAERO

The digital service for powerline inspection

100TB of high voltage powerline data, recorded with the SIEAERO multi-sensor system, analyzed with the SIEAERO Artificial Intelligence Smart Analytics, and presented to our customers on the secure SIEAERO WebUI. The SIEAERO Artificial Intelligence has been trained on over 2,000,000 images of high voltage powerline infrastructure in Europe and North America.

Smart aerial powerline inspection

SIEAERO - the digital service for powerline inspection

Operators of energy transmission lines put great effort into identifying potential faults to ensure high reliability of their critical infrastructure. The conventional overhead line inspections are largely manual, dangerous, and slow. This provides mostly rough and imprecise results along with tedious and often incomplete documentation.

Siemens Energy is bringing a new solution to the market: SIEAERO - the digital service for powerline inspection.

SIEAERO provides comprehensive overhead line documentation and fault detection. Customers benefit from:

  • Fully digitalized service with fast and easily accessible data through an interactive web interface, and/or integration into the customer’s asset management system
  • High-definition data and highly accurate 3D localization of all sensor data
  • Comprehensive and precise inspection results
  • Comprehensive and precise inventory and documentation of the complete transmission lines and transmission line right-of-way
  • Fast results after completion of inspection flights
  • Condition trend monitoring by combining data from subsequent flight missions from previous years
  • Information for preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Ability to edit and annotate findings and plan maintenance work
  • Cost efficient overhead line inspection including data storage, access, assessment, reporting, and the ability for any other kind of digital use for assessment management
  • Reduced EHS efforts using a proprietary multi-sensor system resulting in a reduced number of inspection flights.

SIEAERO in action

SIEAERO Drone and Helicopter shown at a customer event in Haßfurt Germany

Bayernwerk Netz GmbH in cooperation with Siemens Energy

One step ahead with information

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