Siemens Energy offers a comprehensive portfolio for the energy-intensive fiber industry

Energy intensive fiber industry

Innovative technologies and services supporting the energy transition in an industry that is already a trailblazer of resource optimization through a closed-loop economy approach

New approaches are game changers in the fiber industry

In today's fiber industry, there is a constantly evolving landscape for the 10,000 paper and pulp mills around the world. These mills are at the forefront of the closed-cycle economy, maximizing resource utilization, incorporating waste materials into their operations, optimizing energy consumption, achieving self-sustainability in energy usage, and leveraging digitalization tools.

Our extensive industry knowledge spanning over a century, combined with our top-notch product offerings, solutions, and services allow us to guide our clients towards environment-friendly, resource-efficient, and profitable production to shape the future of the fiber.

Solutions for the fiber industry along the process chain

Solutions for the fiber industry along the process chain

End-to-end portfolio offerings for optimal value creation

Our comprehensive portfolio helps getting the most out of the used resources including power and heat for the manufacturing processes.

Our solutions contribute to your success

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