Grid Resilience

Leading the Energy Transition

Enhancing grid reliability and network stability

To deliver electricity in the required quantity, quality, and reliability, the grid must be prepared with the right set of capabilities. Expanding, automating, and upgrading the transmission grid as well as ensuring grid stability are fundamental prerequisites for the success of the energy transition.


With our high-voltage products and systems, it is possible to transport renewable energy more reliably and with fewer losses to where it is needed: the world’s cities and hubs. On this basis, we are able to use various digital technologies to make grids work more efficiently – especially for large amounts of fluctuating energy and the ultra-short-term storage of renewable energy.


Digitalization gives us a higher transparency on the asset conditions and helps to predict or forecast the needs and the future behavior of the grid. With our Sensproducts technology we can react faster and take countermeasures earlier. With the launch of edge products we are making a technological breakthrough that will facilitate highly efficient transmission operation. All these technologies increase the reliability of grids by a higher degree of digitalization towards the Internet of Energy (IoE).

Grid stability

Production of intermittent renewable energy has risen significantly over the last decades. Therefore, new technologies are needed to keep HV power grids stable. Our Flexible AC transmission portfolio (FACTS) are designed to prevent high voltage fluctuations and power failures, to utilize network assets optimally, and to mitigate load-induced disturbances. 

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HVDC technology offers the most efficient means of transmitting large amount of power over long distances, help connect green offshore power to the grid, establish grid interconnections between countries and stabilize three-phase-grids. As a pioneer in HVDC technology, we provide  a comprehensive portfolio of efficient and sustainable solutions in all fields of application for HVDC technology.

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HV-transmission assets are a critical part to supply high quality energy to our society. We  have the unique competence as an OEM to render a comprehensive suite of services to keep your assets in service over decades. This includes spare parts, refurbishments, digitalization such as SIEAERO, our overhead power line (OHL) inspection technology based on drones and artificial intelligence, consulting and audits – even full service such as operation and maintenance contracts.

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Our  Pretact® concept maximizes the resilience of modern power grids. It comprises a comprehensive set of modular features to prevent and protect transformers and high-voltage products better from operational issues as well as against natural disasters or forced outages.


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Mobile Substations

We provide a range of prefabricated substations that are equally suited for either temporary or permanent use in challenging grid expansion and maintenance programs.

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Pretact EcoSafeT™

The world’s first explosion- and fire safe substation concept Pretact EcoSafeT™.  It sets new standards in environment, health and safety to achieve a reliable fire- and explosion safe solution for the entire substation and all its products.

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Extreme Weather and Regional Grid Resilience

Read about our lessons learned from Texas winter storm Uri and get insights on how Siemens Energy is devoting considerable recources to adept to the rapid changes occuring in our energy ecosystem.


Why is grid resilience so important?


Grid Modernization

Transmission of electricity plays a crucial role in energy transition. But today's grids are not prepared for the challenges posed by the increasing share of renewable energies. Read how modernizing the grid can enable the energy transition and ensure grid reliability.





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Products and systems for reliable grids

"With our innovative products and systems along the whole value stream we show our commitment to grid resilience and enable that the future of energy is connected to the most resilient power grids. We continuously drive innovations to reach the highest level of reliability and setting new standards."

Ewald Schweiger

Head of PRETACT® Global Grid Resilience Concept


Keyvisual Pretact EcoSafeT
Virtual event, October 2020

Product Launch: Pretact EcoSafeT™

Watch the recording of the Pretact EcoSafeT™ product launch from October 22, 2020 and see how we are setting new standards in environment, health and safety for fire safe substations.

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