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Grid Resilience

Our society depends on electrical energy. Maximum grid resilience is the target of all utilities, generators and transmission operators worldwide. Siemens Energy provides products along the whole value stream to stabilize and expand the grid. We are committed to keeping the lights on and enabling our customers to keep their promises to deliver a sustainable un-interrupted power supply. Resiliency runs deep through Siemens Energy’s entire transmission products value stream. Our innovative Pretact® concept protects transformers and high-voltage products from operational issues, natural disasters or forced outages. Flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS) increase the reliability of the AC grid and improve power quality transmission efficiency. High-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission systems offers the most efficient means of transmitting large amount of power over long distances, help connect green power to the grid, and stabilize three-phase-grids. And our portable power solutions quickly restore power after a substation failure and avoid disruptions during grid maintenance.


With our innovative products and solutions along the whole value stream we show our commitment to grid resilience and enable that the future of energy is connected to the most resilient power grids. We continuously drive innovations to reach the highest level of reliability and setting new standards.
Ewald Schweiger, Head of PRETACT® Global Grid Resilience Concept


Keyvisual Pretact EcoSafeT
Virtual event, October 2020

Product Launch: Pretact EcoSafeT™

Watch the recording of the Pretact EcoSafeT™ product launch from October 22, 2020 and see how we are setting new standards in environment, health and safety for fire safe substations.

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Bypassing transformers

Our mobile resilience units are THE multifunctional pocket knife within the transformer industry: They not only serve as a means of first reaction in case of an unplanned outage, but also come in handy to bypass EHV transformers that need maintenance (planned outage). Learn how it works in our whitepaper.