On the safe side: Siemens refurbishment process

Siemens as the original equipment manufacturer holds the unique technical know-how and more than 30 years of experience in refurbishment. Our refurbished components have accumulated more than 40 million equivalent operating hours in total. This makes us the premier refurbishment expert for our customers worldwide. Siemens invests a significant budget each year into research and development to continually enhance repair and (re)coating technologies. Siemens conducts stringent quality inspections throughout the whole refurbishment process. 

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Why choose the OEM?

In the past years, we have carried out the refurbishment of more than 500,000 gas turbine blades and vanes for the Siemens gas turbine fleet.

As the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) we have the unique technical knowledge on

  • original drawings and tools
  • additional performance data
  • component features that may affect emissions of NOx
  • qualified reopening of cooling holes by means of laser technology and
  • expert knowledge due to technical features which have already been successfully established in the market.

That is why.

The life of a gas turbine blade is a non-stop marathon

Stress during operation


You can count on our expertise

As manufacturer of the original equipment, only we know the parameters that count when it comes to refurbishing your turbine blades and vanes.

We are uniquely positioned to provide the required replacement parts regarding both quality and quantity. This can minimize down outage time for your gas turbine while being serviced. Moreover, working with Siemens brings with it many benefits that can help maximize the availability and reliability of your gas turbine.


The experience gained with more than 500,000 successfully refurbished gas turbine blades and vanes has provided reliable operation of Siemens-refurbished components at our customers‘ plants for more than 30 million EOH in total.


Reliability. Availability. Profitability.

Your benefits

  • 30 years of experience in refurbishment of gas turbine blades and vanes
  • Advancement of mature frame components (e.g. Si3D™ technology)
  • Market-driven extension of refurbishment portfolio (e.g. guide ring segments)
  • Frequency measurement of blades to detect many conditions which can lead to blade failure
  • Cooling-air flow volume measurement to target efficiency, performance and reliability
  • Laser reopening of cooling holes to manage emissions targets
  • Advanced superalloy component repair (single-crystal alloys (SX), directionally solidified alloys (DS), conventional cast alloys (CC)) 
  • Comparison of the 3D shape with the original design parameters
  • R&D budget invested each year to continually enhance repair and coating technologies
On the safe side

Siemens refurbishment process

OEM quality assurance management and refurbishment documentation
Siemens OEM Refurbishment

Experienced solutions for main components


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