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Siemens Energy in the Middle East and Africa

Siemens Energy is a global company with a huge involvement in powering the Middle East and Africa combining conventional and renewable technologies with digitalization to support Oil and Gas, Power Generation and Transmission. Siemens has been a strategic partner in the region for more than 150 years, in which time we’re proud to say we’ve been part of many pioneering projects, including the Egypt Megaproject in which we’re helping boost power generation in Egypt by 50% to reach a total of 16.4 GW. By powering the Middle East and Africa we play our part in ensuring the enhancement of economic development and unlocking the region’s vast potential. We can contribute to fighting climate change by making sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy possible. Meeting the growing demand for electricity and protecting our climate at the same time, that’s our purpose.

Energy Transition in the Middle East and Africa

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