Our commitment to sustainability

Energy demand and climate change – challenge and opportunity

Increasingly extreme weather events and rising sea levels are unmistakable signs of one of the biggest challenges of our time: climate change. At the same time, around 850 million people still live without reliable access to electricity, which is the foundation of sustainable development.

One thing is clear: Business as usual is not an option. It is critical to act now to protect the climate while meeting the growing energy demand.

With a strong and resilient portfolio along significant parts of the energy value chain, we are a partner of choice for our stakeholders and shaper of the energy transition worldwide. While supporting the company purpose “We energize society”, we contribute to most of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) directly or indirectly via our:


  • products and solutions
  • responsible business activities
  • expertise and thought leadership
  • societal engagement


To ensure maximum impact, we focus our activities on SDG 5, 7, 8, 9, and 13.


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What if the future of energy starts today?

"As a mother of two teenagers, and a lover of outdoor sports, I am a champion of a cleaner energy future and am proud to be part of a team that leads society in this effort. Whether we are providing energy to areas that do not currently have it or are decarbonizing current power generation using hydrogen for fuel, we are part of creating the future of energy. If you don’t change, you become obsolete. Change starts with us."

Claire, Marketing Communications Manager


What if we put our energy into changing energy?

"Me and my colleagues around the globe are putting our energy into developing the most promising and game-changing advancements in the technology required to decarbonize our planet. But it’s not just our hydrogen solutions or digital technologies that will change the world – we must also put our energy into being a trusted partner for our customers so that we can bring our innovative solutions to the table."

Travis, Strategy Director


What if we had the energy to transform society?

"We have the ability to create meaningful change for the benefit of all humanity. But we can only do this if society as a whole joins forces. If we all come together to transform how we create and use energy, put more focus on educating future generations, and make social responsibility a priority, we will write the next chapter in the history of the world … a world that is clean, and rooted in love and respect for others."

David, Sales Operations Manager

Our commitment worldwide – selected examples

Let’s go on a journey to show you how our portfolio helps our customers bridge the energy divide, while transitioning to a low-carbon energy system.



Combining conventional and renewable energy systems are the keys to meeting the world’s needs for sustainable, reliable, and affordable power. Combating climate change and addressing increasing energy demands are top priorities.

Electricity for Generations

Affordable and sustainable energy is a critical driver for growth and prosperity of a nation. We help society improve access to electricity.

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