Modernization & Upgrades for Industrial Steam Turbines

icon Lifetime Extension
icon Efficiency
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icon CO2 Savings
icon Lifetime Extension
icon Efficiency
icon Availability
icon CO2 Savings

Boost your profitability with optimized sustainable solutions

Are you looking to:


  • Increase plant profitability?
  • Modify operating parameters? 
  • Increase or reduce output power?
  • Improve efficiency?
  • Reduce steam consumption?
  • Minimize shutdown time?
  • Lifetime extension?
  • Prevent risks or frequent repairs on outdated equipment?


Modernization and Upgrades programs from Siemens Energy help operators in preserving valuable resources while maintaining their systems at peak levels of efficiency, reliability, and availability as well as power, flexibility, and environment-friendliness – with OEM-quality services. 


Footprints and revamps are optimal when your:

  • Present steam turbine cannot be modified for technical reasons
  • The casing and steam admission components have reached the end of their service lifetime and need to be replaced
  • Your turbine can no longer be operated continuously under design conditions
  • Inspections and overhauls on older turbines may take longer than scheduled because of unexpected findings


Options for modernizing aging steam turbines

Other Modernization & Upgrades portfolio products include technical studies, energy studies, heat cycle optimization, T&T valves, control upgrades, and rotor dynamic analysis.

Explore below to discover how our modernizations and upgrades have benefited our customers:

Enhance Efficiency & Improve Reliability for an Ammnonia Power Plant

Revamping steam path and improving mechanical components with state-of-the art technology for more efficiency and reliability. 

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Power Increase for a Pulp & Paper plant

Optimize your process and boost your turbine performance through changes in operating conditions. 

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Lifetime Extension and Increased Availability for a Sugar Mill

Minimize production loss and prolong the life of your turbine through the footprint approach and the replacement of core components.

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Efficiency Improvement & Carbon Footprint Reduction for a Refinery

Redesign steam path with state-of-the art technology reduces steam consumption, and presents decarbonization potential. 

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Operational Flexibility for a Power Plant

Adapt your existing steam turbine to continuously changing process demands.

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Are you looking to boost your profitability with sustainable solutions?