Key visual for OAM application module named maintenance showing a man in safety clothing in front of a vertical monitor showing some data from the Omnivise software to a woman sitting on a meeting table.

Omnivise Maintenance

Digitally transform and improve your maintenance processes

Omnivise Maintenance provides the complete set of functions required to organize and seamlessly manage maintenance activities, monitor asset history and track maintenance costs. The solution addresses regularly recurring work, up to large-scale activities, like overhauls, retrofit and modernization. Required resources as well as tag-in / tag-out and safety precautions are considered.

Optimized supply with the required spare parts and consumables. That means lower costs, higher effectiveness, enhanced asset life and a smooth transition to Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM).


Omnivise Maintenance improves the performance of maintenance teams through comprehensive planning, execution, tracking and documentation of their activities.

Benefit icon for better equipment reliability

Equipment reliability

up to 47%


Benefit icon for lower equipment downtime

Equipment downtime

up to 15%


Benefit icon for higher maintenance productivity

Maintenance productivity

up to 25%


Benefit icon for enhanced safety

Enhanced safety

through work permit and approval procedures

Benefit icon for increased transparency

Increased transparency

through real-time work request and work order updates


* Based on actual case study; individual results may vary.

Integrated, flexible solution that enables Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)

Omnivise Maintenance infographic showing the content of the module and the connection points to the other 3 modules of the suite.

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How Siemens Energy makes the difference

Provides different entry points for different roles and responsibilities, and supports the complete workflows from work request to work documentation, for both remote and local teams. Integrated handshakes between Reliability, Diagnostics, Operations and Maintenance improves insight and collaboration.

Access to all information relevant to maintenance, such as incoming work requests. Makes In-spection Round data available in real time, providing real-time access to maintenance information, enabling more effective communication.

Supports all maintenance strategies defined in RCM, using an approach that includes Failure Mode and Effect Analysis derived indicators to trigger work orders in line with RCM.

Use of data and methods that convert data into actionable insights, such as automatically generated work requests and work orders. Exploiting new technology options such as cameras and robots.

Our dashboards – a modern and intuitive user interface

Omnivise Maintenance screen – work requests
Omnivise Maintenance screen – work orders
Omnivise Maintenance screen – work plans

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