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Are you ready to move into the age of connective assets? With the Sensformer, a transformer that is equipped with a connectivity feature, you can utilize the data your transformer provides to dive into digitalization and optimize your operations and business decisions.   Discover the Sensformer and all the benefits   Find out more about our transformers. Our iPDF takes you on a journey through the fascinating world of Siemens Transformers: Download it below to find out how we equip powerhouses in urban neighborhoods and enable the energy superhighways of the future and learn how our assets play a decisive role in the digital revolution!

Success Story, July 2021

History made in Dresden as the 3,000th transformer leaves the transformer plant

Since its foundation in 1904, the Dresden transformer factory has gained more than one hundred years of experience in the design and manufacture of medium power and industrial transformers. Today, the technical expertise of Siemens Energy for this transformer type with power ratings up to 330 MVA and voltage ranges up to 420 kV is pooled in Dresden. The factory’s 3,000th transformer was delivered to SachsenEnergie, a long-time customer, at the end of June, and will be put into operation by July 2021.

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Fields of operation

Find out why Siemens makes a difference

In more than 100 countries and for more than 100 years, transformers made by Siemens have been synonymous with top quality. The extreme high reliability (mean time between failures) is only one example of this quality. To ensure things stay this way, we are constantly working with high level experts on research and new developments. Furthermore, we are always close to our customers – thanks to our global manufacturing and service network. See for yourself, why our transformers make a difference!
A key role in electricity supply

Current highlights

Direct-current electricity can now be transmitted at gigantic 1,100 kilovolts

The world´s first transformer, which has been designed and manufactured for the HVDC transmission line with the highest direct-current electricity of ± 1,100 kilovolt (kV) has been tested successfully in Nuremberg, Germany. The transformer will enable low-loss and extremely efficient high-voltage direct-current (HVDC) power transmission over a record distance of 3,284 kilometers with a transmission capacity of twelve gigawatts.


Excited? You can watch the journey of Siemens’ first 1,100 kV HVDC transformer 

Part 1: The first 1100 kV HVDC transformer

Part 2: The departure

Part 3: The arrival at the port of Shanghai

Part 4: Delivery to to Guquan converter station

Find out how our innovations are shaping the future of transformers

There’s so much more to a transformer than just transforming voltage: They actually form the backbone of modern energy grids, and their reliable operation is crucial to ensuring a stable and resilient power supply.


If you haven’t had the chance to see our transformer model in person, now you can learn all about innovative transformer technology from wherever you are by watching the playouts on the right hand side.

Innovative traction transformers “Tractronic® Thinity”

Siemens presents its latest innovation highlight: The Tractronic® ThinityTM transformers will be installed in the trendsetting Siemens regional train platform Mireo®. The highly innovative transformer design results in an ultra-low weight of the infinity-symbol shaped Tractronic® ThinityTM transformer (approx. 25% less weight). The decreased weight will not only make the trains less energy-consuming. There will also be a higher capacity for passengers, monitoring equipment and passenger infotainment on board. Further benefits of the development are: more freedom of movement, shorter construction times, and optimized components – together these aspects form the truly unique Tractronic® ThinityTM transformer.

Resilience: Pretact® – React in advance

Keeping grids resilient - at any time with Siemens Energy Transformers

Reliability of energy grids is a matter that effects everybody involved in the business. Siemens Transformers offers a whole portfolio to offer grid resilience wherever needed. Our concept, named Pretact®, for resilient grids comprises a three-pillar-plan to enable our customers to prevent failures, protect their equipment and react in cases of emergency. Learn more on this topic in our infographics, use cases and collaterals. Our new concept addresses emergencies, retrofits and new installations along the entire energy value chain to increase network stability by modular feature/ solution architecture for power and distribution transformers.

Installing a mobile resilience unit within 3 days

The idea of mobile resilience units is to replace a large EHV-transformer by three compact and versatile single-phase units – either for planned or unplanned outages. The transport and installation can be completed within 30 working hours.


See in our slideshow how it works!

Ecodesign Directive, efficiency, amortization:

Our multifunction calculator checks your ideal transformer

You decided to invest in a new transformer? Using our multifunction calculator, you can check multiple basic parameters simultaneously. Does your ideal transformer meet the requirements of the European Commission’s Ecodesign Directive that has been in place since 2015*? How efficiently does it operate and how long will it take to amortize the higher investment if you decide for a more efficient variant? Take advantage of this valuable opportunity to decide and plan, step by step. Please note: Based on information on the Peak Efficiency Index, this calculator is usable only for power transformers.
Download PDF for Tier 2 requirements

EU requirements for transformers

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