Omnivise WebBFS

Maximum Efficiency for Technical Plant Management

Imagine you'd be able to integrate the different systems and processes of your power plant in one efficient plant management system. A system that comes with tested and verified workflows, reports, tracking tools and trainings. A system that is based on the O&M experience of one of the largest installed bases worldwide: Omnivise WebBFS Plant Management system!


The Siemens Energy system provides specialized solutions for the work processes and tasks in power plants, but can be just as useful for other process-oriented production plants. It enables plant managers to improve the flow of information, communication and administration, uncovering substantial optimization potential. What is more: The web-enabled system can be used on state-of-the-art mobile applications and mobile devices.


Field-tested solutions for effective plant management

The modular structure of the WebBFS Plant Management System and its integrated data and object models enable two ways of use:

  1. Implementing the system in several steps
  2. Using individual solutions without affecting the integrated operation of the programs


Developed for practical application

Unlike standard systems, Omnivise WebBFS was specifically developed from practice for practice. It comes with classification systems, catalogs, drop-down lists, data groups, and other features. This helps facilitate fast implementation, effective support and high acceptance.

Extensive practical experience is the basis of Omnivise WebBFS: The Plant Management System has been successfully used in Siemens Energy O&M projects for many years.

Proven experience worldwide