With the Siemens Energy transmission portfolio you are prepared for a complex and interconnected energy landscape

Power transmission and distribution accelerating the energy transition

Making power grids ready

Our impact:

• We offer innovative solutions that enhance grid reliability, resilience, and flexibility and maintain grid stability

• We solve the challenges of increasing complexity of grid infrastructure

• We contribute to a more sustainable and efficient energy system and the growing demand for energy


Our innovative portfolio provides:

• highest performance (efficiency, reliability, safety),

• increasing sustainability and a minimal carbon footprint,

• digital connectivity for optimized asset management and operation as well as

• customer proximity via our global factory network. 

We’re prepared for a complex and interconnected energy landscape

We're prepared for a complex and interconnected energy landscape

We shape our energy landscape through:

Grid connectivity


Grid connectivity

Transmission solutions, seamless integration of renewables, more reliable energy in more places.

HVDC interconnectors
Offshore grid access applications
High-voltage switchgear

Grid resilience


Grid resilience

We ensure efficient power grid operations through reliability, availability and stability - anywhere, anytime.

Battery energy storage systems
Digital Grid: Grid monitoring,
automation & protection solutions
Transformers (Shunt reactors)

Grid digitalization


Grid digitalization

Digital solutions, more efficient energy transition, building the grid of the future.

Digital grid

Grid decarbonization


Grid decarbonization

We strive for a decarbonized grid through our offerings and our operations.

Offshore grid connections
Blue portfolio
Green steel transformers
Battery energy storage systems
Alternative / ester fluids

Offerings across our power transmission portfolio

Various factors will dominate the power transmission market in the years to come: the drive toward renewable energy, the expansion and interconnection of grid infrastructure, and the need to gradually replace and upgrade aging grid infrastructure. Discover how our broad portfolio of innovative products, systems and solutions for power transmission expertly supports our customers in these transformations. Join us on the path to grow sustainably.