Grid Resilience

Leading the Energy Transition

Enhancing grid reliability and network stability

To deliver electricity in the required quantity, quality, and reliability, the grid must be prepared with the right set of capabilities. Expanding, automating, and upgrading the transmission grid as well as ensuring grid stability are fundamental prerequisites for the success of the energy transition.

With our high-voltage products and systems, it is possible to transport renewable energy more reliably and with fewer losses to where it is needed: the world’s cities and hubs. On this basis, we are able to use various digital technologies to make grids work more efficiently – especially for large amounts of fluctuating energy and the ultra-short-term storage of renewable energy.

Why is grid resilience so important?

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Products and systems for reliable grids

With our innovative products and systems along the whole value stream we show our commitment to grid resilience and enable that the future of energy is connected to the most resilient power grids. We continuously drive innovation

Ewald Schweiger, Head of PRETACT® Global Grid Resilience Concept