Shaping the Internet of Energy with edge technology

Edge technology is increasingly impacting many industries, including the energy sector.

Edge-enabled, high-voltage products will build the foundation for the Internet of Energy (IoE).  At the same time, edge technology on the product and substation level is complementary to the cloud on the enterprise level.

Edge technology – the central part for the future Internet of Energy

Fluctuating power flow and exponential increase of grid complexity need more flexible assets with higher capabilities far beyond the current monitoring, control and automation systems.

For an interoperable, digital and decentralized network, it is necessary to interconnect high-voltage transmission products in the substation like transformers, switchgears and circuit breakers per default. Operational data of intelligent assets can be analyzed in real-time and recommendations to improve performance can be implemented. This kind of integration and operation builds the Internet of Energy (IoE) for the grids of the future.
The Siemens Energy Edge portfolio is the next generation of digitally enabled transmission products, systems and solutions. It can be independent or integrated into either a enterprise network or interoperate with the cloud.

Edge products combine the strengths of local and high-performance data processing directly within the on-prem system with the benefits offered by the cloud: app-based data analytics, data processing and storage concepts, update and versioning of applications as well as a corresponding management of devices. Your data does not leave your local substation network, giving you the extra flexibility in making informed and timely decisions.

Your main advantages

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Increased operational performance

Increased operational performance with app-based data analytics and asset management recommendations incl. digital twin features

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Faster application response times

Faster application response times, saving network bandwidth and lower latency due to local data processing

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Continuous operation

Ensure continuous operation in case of any faults or damages based on backup and recovery feature

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Latest system updates

Always latest system updates available thanks to the inbuild update manager

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Seamless and secure integration

Seamless and secure integration into customer IT-landscape without any media breach between IT and OT

Accelerate the digital journey

Edge technology brings the intelligence and scalability of the cloud directly to your assets in the substation.

Edge technology is reshaping the IoT topology in the substation