Webinar Factory decarbonization… What does it take?

Date: Tuesday, September 5, 2023
Time: 09:30 AM - 10:00 AM CEST
Length: 30 minutes

It is not a secret that decarbonization is not an easy task, so how difficult can the energy transition be inside a transformer factory? Find out in our next webinar with Stefan Pieper, Head of Large Power Transformers Europe at Siemens Energy, who will share his expertise on how to lead this transformation through their journey of shifting the Nuremberg factory into a climate-neutral facility. If you are interested in knowing how the factory is tackling the emissions, what solutions are available, and which challenges are faced during the implementation of such solutions, register for our next session.

Our speakers at a glance

Stefan Pieper

Vice President of Large Power Transformers Europe  |  Siemens Energy

Stefan Pieper is one of Siemens Energy’s most experienced engineers, with over 27 years of contributing his knowledge in the manufacture of transformers and steam turbines. His contributions have led him to become nowadays the Head of Large Power Transformers Europe. Through his managerial and high leadership qualities, he maintains motivated teams of up to 2000 employees to stay strongly committed to delivering effective, customizable, and high-quality sustainable products to the company's suppliers and customers inside the supply chain to reach a greener energy transition.


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