Webinar SITRAM® REG/ Oil Regeneration

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Length: 60 minutes

Our Tech-Talk “SITRAM REG / Oil regeneration” highlights several advantages of the regeneration in-service insulation oils of transformers, shunt reactors and HV coils.

It explains how to extend the lifetime of your valuable assets and how to reduce the risk of early ageing and severe damages. 

You can remove potentially corrosive oil components during transformer operation as well as give your ecological footprint a positive boost, applying the methodology: “From old to new oil quality through our regeneration solution SITRAM REG”.

The reliability of the transformers and thus your valuable assets certainly play a decisive role in guaranteeing your stable operating processes. 

It is therefore of advantage if you can combine maximum availability and environmental protection regardless of the age of your transformer fleet. 

With SITRAM REG you can meet your ecological footprint and plan expenses in a targeted manner, avoid failures and minimize planned downtimes, maximize availability and manage the timing for new investments.

Curious? Watch the recording of the webinar now. 

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