Instrument Transformers

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  • instrument transformers supplied by Trench for customers on all 5 continents every year.

Electrical instrument transformers transform high currents and voltages to standardized low and easily measurable values that are isolated from the high voltage. When used for metering purposes, instrument transformers provide voltage or current signals that are very accurate representations of the transmission line values in both magnitude and phase. These signals allow accurate determination of revenue billing.

When used for protection purposes, the instrument transformer outputs must accurately represent the transmission line values during both steady-state and transient conditions. These critical signals provide the basis for circuit-breaker operation under fault conditions, and as such are fundamental to network reliability and securit

Instrument transformers used for network control supply important information for determining the state of the operating conditions of the network.

Instrument transformers technology can also empower the grid with auxiliary power supply and highly precise power quality measurements.

SVA 362 voltage transformer
Success story, July 2020

First clean air voltage transformer order for the United States!

Environmental safety and maintenance free – Six SVA 362 voltage transformers with clean air insulation will be delivered to a customer in the South-Central United States.

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