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As market and technology demands change and we move toward digitally automated operations, new challenges arise. With over 170 years of experience and a rich history of plant optimization, Siemens Energy is excited to help lead this change with our suite of control and digital solutions.

Redefining energy, together

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It starts right here with Omnivise–a suite of people-led, future-focused, digitally enabled solutions. Every solution is customized to your needs so you can better operate, analyze, and optimize your plant–one name, many solutions, measurable results. 

Customized solutions for you

Omnivise offers a suite of five benefit-driven product categories. Working together, we customize solutions based on your needs–optimizing your plant's performance, safety, and security. 

Omnivise Perform

Performance Solutions optimizes operational planning, startup, shutdown, grid services and more.

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Omnivise Predict

Predictive Maintenance and Asset Management Solutions applies data analysis and predictive software to optimize your plant’s maintenance operations.

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Omnivise Control

Automated Control Solutions include advanced digital control applications for your DCS systems, simulations, data integration, and more.

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Omnivise Secure

Cybersecurity Solutions protect your plant’s systems, software and fleet from cyberattack, today, tomorrow, and beyond

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Omnivise Enhance

Enhanced Electrical Solutions covers your plant’s electrical management concerns including AVR, black start, synchronous condensers, and more.

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Solutions for a competitive industry

Omnivise helps you stay competitive in a changing energy landscape, while keeping your plant cost effective, flexible, and reliable.

Omnivise by the numbers

More than


projects equipped with T3000

Up to


less unplanned outages*

Up to


asset availability*

More than


plants reap Perform Solutions benefits*

Up to


faster ramp rates*

Global Service


*Based on specific assumptions or specific case studies, individual results may vary.

Your path to plant autonomy

Omnivise does more than optimize your plant's performance, it also helps to prepare you for future of the industry ... the autonomous plant.

Success around the globe

Omnivise is currently changing the world of energy production

with more than 3,500 applications around the globe. 

Omnivise unit control future proofs this co-gen plant We applied a coordinated unit control that increased plant efficiency and flexibility by matching the output of the gas turbines with the steam turbine.
Omnivise unit control future proofs this co-gen plant

We applied a coordinated unit control that increased plant efficiency and flexibility by matching the output of the gas turbines with the steam turbine.

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Redding Electric, California
Redding Electric Utility

A new T3000 system has brought reliable services, long-term parts programs, lower emissions, and security to power plant in Redding, California.

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Saudi Arabia
T3000 delivers flexibility, resiliency, and security

By modernizing their distributed control system, Siemens Energy helped maximize safety and security while minimizing downtime.

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wind turbine farm
Omnivise T3000 powers the making of eFuels

The world’s first integrated, commercial, industrial-scale hydrogen plant for making synthetic climate-neutral fuels, with Omnivise T3000 at the helm.

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AI-based combustion optimization boosts plant efficiency

Endesa used Siemens Energy combustion optimization to increase plant efficiency, lower coal consumption, reduce emission and extend the life of their facility on the island of Mallorca. 

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Drax Power, Selby
Efficiency boost at a renewable energy plant in the UK

Working with Drax Power Ltd. in Selby, Siemens Energy increased efficiency while reducing emissions – helping to make their renewable power more affordable. 

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Process optimization project increases plant flexibility 30%

Atlas Energy and Siemens Energy teamed up to modernize their coal plant through a control system upgrade, greatly increasing flexibility and efficiency and decreasing coal consumption—all without any outages.

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AI makes turbines young again for Dubai Electricity and Water Authority

Pairing a digital twin with artificial intelligence is rejuvenating older turbines in Dubai, upping power and dropping emissions. 

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Netherlands, Sloe Centrale
Netherlands power plant optimizes with WebBFS

Omnivise WebBFS Plant Management ensures high availability for Sloe Centrale’s gas-fired plant. Work safety improved while operating and maintenance costs reduced.

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predict success story
Vibration diagnostics in Germany improves availability.

The Schluchseewerk AG in the Southern Black Forest has enhanced its availability and flexibility by adapting their hardware to Siemens Energy VIB3000 vibration monitoring system.

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Kilrush, Ireland
Enhance Solutions help Ireland prepare for renewables.

Siemens Energy and Ireland’s Electricity Supply Board’s new synchronous condenser system increases efficiencies to the grid and helps prepare the country to rely more on renewable energy.

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NYPA and Siemens advanced cybersecurity center
Advanced MDR cybersecurity center opens in Malaysia

First-of-its-kind in the Asia Pacific region, this 24/7 in-house threat detection and response center proactively monitors, detects, and prevents real-time cyberattacks.

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Saudi Arabia
Modernized DCS cybersecurity in Saudi Arabia

Siemens Energy helped Shuaibah Water & Electricity Company modernize their distributed control system—exceeding customer's expectations for reliability and cybersecurity.

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We're a true partner in your success

Omnivise provides the guiding vision and collaborative process so Siemens Energy can truly partner with customers to develop innovative, customizable solutions of the future.

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Siemens Energy is a name you know and trust. With a history of innovation and exceptional customer service, we are 100% committed to your success, project execution, and satisfaction. There are many advantages to working with us. 

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