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How can we meet the growing energy demand and protect our climate? We are committed to providing answers. We drive the transition to more sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy systems. With our innovative technologies, clear focus on the needs of our customers, and more than 91,000 dedicated employees, we energize society. That’s our aim. That’s our purpose. Let’s make tomorrow different today!

Happy International Women’s Day

We asked Maria Ferraro, Siemens Energy’s CFO and CIDO her thoughts on International Women’s Day. Watch this video to hear what she has to say.

Podcast: Passion for inclusion and diversity

Equality between men and women? Equal opportunities at work? Even in 2021, inclusion and diversity is not accepted by all. But, is change in sight – especially at Siemens Energy? In our latest podcast, hear what Maria Ferraro, CFO and CIDO at Siemens Energy, and Nicole Voigt, Partner at Boston Consulting Group, among others, have to say.

Siemens Energy Employee
Siemens Energy Employees

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