Mobile Power for Afghanistan

The Bayat Group brings mobile power to  Afghanistan. A complete gas-fired power plant, centered around the SGT-A45 mobile unit, provides electricity for approx. 200,000 homes in the province of Jowzjan in northern Afghanistan – a first step towards energy independence for the country.
Fast Power for Afghanistan

A first step towards energy independence

We teamed up with Bayat Power, a company of the Bayat Group, to bring mobile power to Afghanistan. A complete gas-fired power plant, centered around the SGT-A45 mobile unit, providing electricity for approximately 200,000 homes in the province of Jowzjan. The mobile solution utilises a trailer-mounted aeroderivative gas turbine with a capacity of up to 41 Megawatts (MW) of power at 50 Hertz (Hz). As the first new gas-fired power plant project in Afghanistan since the 1970s, Bayat Power Phase 1 supplies clean and reliable electricity – a first step towards energy independence for the country.

Hit the ground running: 41 Megawatts for 200,000 homes

This project is a unique opportunity to match creative private sector investment with Siemens' considerable technical expertise and world-class turbine technology to allow Afghanistan to take its first step towards powering the next phase of the nation's economic growth.
Dr. Ehsan Bayat, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Bayat Group

The journey from Houston to Afghanistan

The SGT-A45 mobile gas turbine unit was shipped from Texas to Dubai and then flown to the airport of Mazari Sharif in northern Afghanistan with Antonov planes for installation in the province of Jowzjan.
Providing fast power for millions of people

Strengthening Afghanistan’s energy independence

After decades of conflict, electricity has become a scarce commodity in Afghanistan even though the potential for power generation is huge with sufficient reserves of gas, water and wind. However, only 300 Megawatts are domestically produced every year. Moreover, at least 75 percent of electricity – about 1,000 Megawatts – are imported from neighboring countries.
Long-term energy independence will help the country make a massive leap into the 21st century.
Ehsan Bayat, CEO of Bayat Energy and Founder of the Bayat Group

Light for a child to read at night

Despite a national infrastructure in disrepair after years of conflict, a fast power solution is provided bringing power to schools, hospitals, and industry in Afghanistan.

In Kabul, we met Ehsan Bayat, founder and chairman of Bayat Energy. He shared his thoughts on developing power generation in the country. 


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How a mobile power solution helps filling Afghanistan’s energy gap

Afghanistan correspondent Stefanie Glinski is going to take you on a journey through the busy streets of Afghanistan’s capital.

You'll be meeting the following people to learn what it’s like to live with very limited electricity and why a mobile solution to deliver power provision quickly is so important:


  • Wahid Tawhidi, DABS, Afghanistan’s national electricity company
  • Ramin Faramarz, orthopedic surgeon in Kabul
  • Ali Abdi, researcher and university lecturer 
  • Nooria Barakzai, prinicpal of Zarghona Girls High School
  • Ehsan Bayat, founder and chairman of the Bayat Group
  • Julian Erfurth, Senior Vice President of Commercial Sales at Siemens





Facts and data

The world's most powerful mobile gas turbine

SGT-A45 mobile unit 

A dependable supply of electricity is foundational for good living standards and economic growth.

Several areas of the world continue to require the fast deployment of power solutions to quickly restore and upgrade a damaged or inadequate infrastructure, supporting developing economies or emergency disaster relief. With site installations in less than two weeks and an outstanding output of up to 44 MW(e), the SGT-A45 mobile gas turbine unit offers a cost-effective and dependable answer to these needs. Based on proven aeroderivative gas turbine technology, the SGT-A45 achieves the highest power density and fuel efficiency of all mobile power plants on the market. It can operate at either 50 or 60 Hz and offers a highly flexible solution for a wide range of applications.


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Siemens supports a reliable, affordable, and efficient power supply through smart technology, state-of-the-art equipment, and innovative services and delivery options. 

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