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Transformer Services from Siemens Energy
Transformer Services from Siemens Energy

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Transformer services

Transforming service into reliability

Whether power transformers, reactors, transformers for industrial applications, phase-shifting transformers, or HVDC transformers – transformers are crucial for ensuring a trouble-free supply of power with no interruptions. As reliable, rugged key components, they are frequently in use for decades at a time – and are thus subject to the unavoidable effects of aging and wear.

Strategically increase value with Transformer Lifecycle Management (TLM)

How can you plan your expenditures in a targeted way and systematically control the timing of new investments? How can you avoid unforeseeable outages and minimize planned downtimes? And how can you reduce the impact on the environment while maximizing transformer availability? The answer to these questions is TLM – Transformer Lifecycle Management – the service concept from Siemens Energy for all the transformers in your network, regardless of age, manufacturer, or power. We service all generations of transformers.

Our TLM service concept is designed to prevent unplanned downtimes and optimize planned maintenance measures. We’re aware that you have fewer and increasingly shorter windows of opportunity even for planned service interruptions. Our response is technologies and methods that are as mobile as our experts. From oil-drying systems to high-voltage testing stations, we provide mobile repair workshops to support you on-site. Mobile teams and technologies are elements that ideally complement the performance spectrum of Siemens Energy´s repair facility – they’re fast, flexible, and can be integrated in your operations.


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Transformers are the cornerstone of power generation, transmission, and distribution systems. Their outages or failures usually have far-reaching consequences on large parts of the power system.

We’ll get your transformers back in top form – and without service interruptions

The Siemens Energy TLM method for extending service life minimizes the unavoidable, undetectable, and ongoing aging process that is taking place inside your transformers. Our stationary and continuous transformer drying system and moisture monitoring SITRAM DRY as well as our mobile container-mounted solution SITRAM REG for the lasting regeneration of the transformer oil are internationally-recognized technologies. These can easily be integrated as retrofit solutions.The online regeneration technology SITRAM REG not only removes the degradation products and corrosive compounds from transformer oil, but also offers substantial economic and ecological advantages, as it is performed during normal transformer operations. 


SITRAM REG, the online regeneration technology, can clean aged or corrosive transformer oil, restore its dielectric properties, and increase the transformer availability. Regeneration processes requires special equipment, high competence, and long-time experience of staff. Siemens Energy operators have experience in online regeneration of more than 300 transformers with different design, connections and at various ambient temperatures.


Continous drying system and moisture monitoring

Moisture causes irreversible damage to transformers

The insulating materials of all power transformers degrade over time, but moisture in the insulating paper accelerates the aging process, and thus significantly shortening the life of a transformer. Moisture in a transformer can be caused by insufficient drying during production or repair processes, or by the environment due to damaged seals. Even if these factors could be avoided, moisture occurs as a by-product of the degradation process and is therefore unavoidable.

About 98 % of the moisture can be found in the insulating paper and only a small part in the transformer oil, so that a single oil treatment or oil exchange will have no lasting effect. The exact distribution between paper and oil depends strongly on temperature, which makes an evaluation of the moisture in the paper prone to error.

Our Service Team will support you with accurate diagnostics. 

Transformer Lifetime extension by continuous transformer drying

With our solution SITRAM DRY, Siemens Energy offers an online transformer drying system. SITRAM DRY can be easily installed next to the transformer and can be operated while the transformer is energized. Three cartridges filled with molecular sieve extract about 10 liters of moisture from the transformer oil. This immediately improves the breakdown voltage and dries the transformer over time.  

The robust design of 20 years of experience enclosed in an IP55 cabinet minimizes the required maintenance activity. SITRAM DRY will automatically indicate once the cartridges are saturated, which requires an exchange of the cartridges.

Our cartridge regeneration service completes our offering.

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Intelligent condition diagnostics for transformers

How is your fleet of transformers really doing? Siemens Energy TLM diagnostics makes it possible to detect the current condition with high precision and therefore classify operational reliability for all makes and models and all voltage and power levels. Especially after extraordinary events such as thunderstorms and lightning, relocations, and similar occurrences, comprehensive testing including on-site high-voltage tests is recommended – and with TLM, this is possible with the high quality equivalent to testing in the factory. Mobile TLM high-voltage tests are also used for acceptance testing following on-site repairs.

Our modular diagnostics program for power transformers SITRAM DIAG consists of three levels of analysis and many additional stand-alone modules for the selection and examination of irregular transformers in ever greater detail. You can choose the level of diagnostics that best fits your needs: Essential Diagnostics is performed during your normal operations, while the Advanced Level requires minimum outages. The ultimate level integrates high-voltage testing to optimally evaluate the operational condition and residual life span of each of your power transformers, based on our decades of experiences and highly advanced diagnostic methods. 


Transforming knowledge into availability

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Service overview

Services for your transformers throughout their entire lifecycle

Siemens Energy TLM is based on the expertise available in all Siemens Energy transformer factories, which are well-known for high quality and low failure rates. Our highly experienced transformer experts provide the most effective lifecycle solutions for power transformers of any age and any brand along the value chain from reactive to proactive services.
Test laboratory

Top class laboratory diagnostics for transformer materials

Do you know the chemical age of your transformer? Well we do! There are numerous complementary methods for diagnosing the transformer ageing process early and reliably. The Siemens Energy Test Laboratory for Transformer Materials is completely focused on the laboratory diagnostics of oil-filled electrical equipment. The highly qualified personnel are constantly developing new methods for ageing diagnostics and are using this knowledge for the benefit of our customers.

100 years of know-how ensuring a long transformer life span

Siemens Energy can look back at over 100 years of experience in the production and operation of transformers. During all these years we have developed numerous methods and parameters so that ageing processes can be diagnosed early and reliably. The life span of a transformer largely depends on the ageing of the solid and liquid organic insulating materials. In normal operating conditions, below the maximum permissible load, and with regular maintenance and care, a transformer's lifespan can be extended to well over 30 years.

Whether it is a case of new construction, operation, retrofit or repair, it is always a matter of reliably recognizing material degradation and rectifying it. For this purpose an extensive knowledge of the materials as well as a specific, precise analysis is fundamental. In order to avoid costly breakdowns, minimize downtimes and extend the lifespan of a transformer, the performance of a regular trend analysis and targeted maintenance are indispensable.

Test laboratory for Transformer Materials

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