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Discover the latest energy transition trends and find the right decarbonization solution!

As the world adopts clean energy and moves forward with the energy transition, the power industry is seeking new and cost-effective carbon emission reduction technologies while ensuring a reliable and safe power supply. Join us at the ERA Forum series and attend our energy transition webinars to learn more about the latest decarbonization trends, technologies and service solutions for more flexible, efficient and clean power generation. Each webinar session is completely free and online. Register now to watch the next live webinar or watch past sessions on-demand! 

On-Demand Webinars

How do you decarbonize the power sector?

From repowering existing energy systems and coupling technologies into Hybrid Power Plants, to carbon capture technology and green energy certification, innovative decarbonization solutions are needed to reach global carbon reduction goals while optimizing decarbonization costs and ensuring a reliable power supply. Join our webinar sessions to learn about the latest energy transition trends and carbon emission reduction strategies in power plants.

Certifying your Green Product with Blockchain

Learn how Siemens Energy, TÜV Süd, and Nobian are partnering to certify green hydrogen.

Assess. Reshape. Transform

Learn how to balance decarbonization targets with economic and technical boundary conditions while minimizing the cost of decarbonizing your energy system.

Step-by-Step Decarbonization for Hybrid Power Plants

In this webinar, our experts discuss how to couple technologies into a Hybrid Power Plant, and how this can pave the way for additional decarbonization efforts.

Clean Energy - Growing from Need to Certification

Learn how sustainability certification can help you track and prove the renewable source of your product!

Path to Low-Carbon Fossil Power Generation

Speakers from Siemens Energy present technologies for capturing carbon from today's gas-fired power plants, as well as discussing the advanced class 9000HL gas turbine.

Decarbonized Energy Solutions for Data Centers

Learn about sustainable and flexible on-site power generation, reliable grid connection and waste heat recovery solutions that can meet the needs of today’s Data Centers.

Brownfield Transformation - Decarbonization Journey for Your Power Assets

Do you really have to retire your existing power assets to meet your decarbonization targets? Join this webinar and find the answer!

How is hydrogen used in power generation?

An increasing number of countries and companies are committing to carbon reduction targets and see hydrogen as key to the energy transition. But what is the role of hydrogen in power generation carbon reduction? Clean hydrogen can be generated from renewable energy using PEM electrolysis, making an important contribution to the energy transition for sector coupling, mobile fuel cells, and large-scale power generation. Join our webinar sessions to learn about the latest trends and follow the full cycle, from hydrogen production to hydrogen co-firing.

Delivering Proof of Concept for H2 Co-firing in Vienna

In this episode, experts from Wien Energie and Siemens Energy discuss the challenges, progress, and future of the world's first H2 co-firing test on the F-class gas turbine at the Donaustadt power station.

Hydrogen in Power Generation

In this webinar, Siemens Energy experts discuss how you can start moving into a hydrogen-based energy future, as well as what is the most efficient way to produce clean hydrogen. 

Journey to Hydrogen Co-Firing

Due to its high energy density, diffusivity and reactivity, hydrogen co-firing requires modification to gas turbines. Join our webinar and learn what system upgrades are necessary. 

Hydrogen Power Unit (HPU)

Siemens Energy has partnered with GeoPura to deliver the Hydrogen Power Unit (HPU), a flexible, reliable and mobile energy-as-a-service solution using green hydrogen. Join us and learn more!

Powering a Sustainable Outage with Hydrogen

Learn how Uniper's Cottam Development Centre successfully implemented a sustainable maintenance outage using the Hydrogen Power Unit (HPU) and saved 94 tons of CO2 in the process.


Digitalization in the power generation industry

Power producers need to be flexible and respond to changing market needs in order to remain competitive and profitable. Digitalization in the energy sector must address IT threats, recovering from the pandemic, price competition and an increasing push for decarbonization. Join our webinar sessions and learn how to turn these challenges into opportunities with digital energy solutions that include data analytics, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

Recover. Protect. Serve.

Join this webinar and learn how plant operators can counter increasing cyber threats while ensuring operational excellence for improved plant performance and profitability.

Identify. Evaluate. Adapt.

In today's global energy market, maintaining profitability requires operating a power plant differently from the initial operating profile. But where do you start? Join our webinar and find out!

Gather. Process. Learn.

Watch this webinar and learn how to optimize your gas turbine operation by applying artificial intelligence and real time data analytics. 

Journey to Unmanned Plant Operation (remote and autonomous operation)

The latest digital technologies present new opportunities that enable plant operators to run power plants remotely, offering several benefits. Join our webinar to learn more!

What Can a Digital Twin Do for You?

Learn how a digital twin can help you simulate how your plant would respond to different scenarios and forecast your operational and maintenance needs.

How can power plant performance be improved?

Today’s power generation markets require power plant technologies and solutions that improve operating performance, lower emissions, and prevent downtimes. Market drivers such as economics, regulatory requirements, or fuel source add to the complexity of decision making when deciding whether to retire, service, or replace existing equipment. Join our webinar sessions and discover ways to improve power plant efficiency, flexibility, and MW capacity while minimizing costs and maintaining a high reliability.

Maintain. Expand. Improve.

Join our webinar and learn about the solutions that can help reduce carbon emissions while increasing the thermal efficiency of your power plant.

Replace. Repurpose. Repower.

Many power plants are faced with upgrading their equipment versus replacing it at some of point in their service life. Join our experts as they discuss the analysis involved when making this decision.

Why is grid stability important?

Safe, reliable power requires a stable grid. As decarbonization in the energy sector grows, flexible and sustainable solutions are needed to address the impact of renewable energy on grid stability and resilience. Balancing intermittent power from renewables while ensuring grid inertia and frequency control is key. Join our webinars to find out how to balance the grid and address the intermittency of renewables, as well as generate new revenue streams!

Absorb. Balance. Dispatch

Stable grids are a necessity to providing safe, reliable energy. How can you help balance the grid and address the intermittency of renewables? Join our webinar and find out.

Brownfield Transformation: A Decarbonization Journey for Your Power Assets

Is it possible to generate new revenue streams while decarbonizing and helping stabilize the grid? Join this webinar to find the answers!


Asset Management in the Energy Sector

As the energy transition accelerates, energy industry participants are finding it challenging to optimize returns on investments. From the decarbonization of the energy sector to markets with diminishing trading intervals, the pressure is on asset owners to constantly evaluate, assess, and optimize their asset or portfolio performance. How can you navigate these uncertain times? Join us as our experts discuss asset management in the power generation industry and how to achieve business targets in this changing environment.

Managing Energy Assets - How to Navigate Uncertainty

Join Siemens Energy experts as they discuss how to achieve business targets such as profit growth, revenue increase, cost reduction and overall asset performance optimization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ERA stands for the new era of energy transition driven by the world's decarbonization efforts that have intensified over the past few years. It is also an acronym of the purpose of our webinar series: "Energize society by Rising to new challenges and Adopting new technologies".

A sharply increased focus on sustainability and the energy transition has created not only new opportunities for plant operators, but also a new set of challenges. We at Siemens Energy understand the importance of innovation and technical expertise in transforming the future landscape of the energy industry. Through the ERA Forum, Siemens Energy introduces a wide range of state-of-the-art technologies, from digital solutions to hydrogen co-firing, and supports the decarbonization journey of our customers as well as the global power sector.

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