iFlow™ g3 Real-time Continuous Monitoring System

iFlow™ g3 for Reciprocating Compressors

The iFlow™ g3 system is a proactive automated monitoring system that effectively captures critical data for reciprocating compressors allowing operators to make informed decisions regarding performance, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Product Overview

The iFlow™ g3 system uses continuously measured pressure data and combines it with temperature and other system parameters gathered to generate mathematical models for comparison with the actual pressure parameters. The system effectively monitors, logs, and analyzes data coming in from each end of the compressor cylinders. A single iFlow™ g3 system can monitor up to 10 double-acting cylinders (20 ends).

With these comparisons, the iFlow™ g3 system identifies anomalies (such as suction valve leakage, discharge valve leakage and ring leakage) in the compression and reexpansion events of the compression cycles. Any checks that do not pass the diagnostic evaluations are annunciated to the operator via the Modbus and through the user interface software. These diagnostics are performed on every cylinder, every cycle.

In addition, the myConnect™ box, which is a state-of-the-art connectivity module, allows for efficient data gathering, packaging, and transmission; the myConnect™ box will allow a remote troubleshooting functionality for the iFlow™ g3 system.

Technical Design and Improvements

  • New diagnostic capabilities to proactively identify anomalies in the compression and re-expansion events in the compression cycle.
  • Consistent data capture and rapid communication. All system data (current performance, statistical and pressure curves for each cylinder) is provisionally stored on the micro controller and is easily linked to a PC or HMI for data archival or historical analysis. 
  • A simplified user interaction with a newly developed and intuitive PC/Windows software used for both operation and configuration of the iFlow™ g3 system.


The iFlow™ g3 monitoring system is applicable to all OEM  – such as Dresser-Rand, Clark, Ingersoll-Rand, Worthington – and non-OEM reciprocating compressors.

Support Services and Implementation

Siemens Energy Services experts support customers in all aspects of installation. We provide upgrade, revamp, repair solutions, and technical support at all phases of client projects.

Typical manufacturing lead times vary for standard parts depending on the factory workload. Packing installation and maintenance access must also be considered.