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Centrifugal, integrally geared and reciprocating compressors and expansion turbines

Siemens Energy offers a comprehensive portfolio of turbo and reciprocating compression solutions and services for oil and gas applications and other process industries. Compressor solutions and services can be standardized or tailored to your needs for a variety of applications – such as hydrogen, CO2, on- or offshore oil and gas production, natural gas transmission and distribution, air separation, chemicals, petrochemicals, and refining. Compressor trains are typically manufactured for continuous and uninterrupted operation allowing inspection and maintenance to be synchronized with general plant or asset maintenance schedules. Every solution can be designed with a special focus on energy efficiency depending on customer preferences.







Webinar: Unleashing the Power of Compressors

Dive deep into the world of dry gas seals and seal systems and broaden your knowledge on how they play a critical role in ensuring the safe and efficient reliability of your compressors.


Single-Shaft Centrifugal Compressors

From standard processes to high-pressure applications, our single-shaft compressors are the ideal solution for a wide range of industries and process applications. 

Pipeline Centrifugal Compressors

We offer a wide range of pipeline compressors with a choice of axial intake or conventional horizontally opposed suction and discharge nozzles.

Integrally Geared Centrifugal Compressors

Our integrally geared compressors are characterized by high efficiencies and outstanding operating ranges and are the perfect match for air separation and other process industry requirements.

Reciprocating Compressors

As a leading supplier of reciprocating compressors, we offer products ranging from medium to high-speed separable units driven by engines or electric motors, to large, slow speed motor driven process reciprocating compressors.

Single-Stage Compressors

We offer a comprehensive range of single-stage turbocompressors for applications in the metallurgical, oil and gas and chemical industries.

Hydrogen Compressors

Your partner for hydrogen compression solutions. We can provide you with the optimum equipment solution for your hydrogen process.

CO2 Compressors

Our wide compressor portfolio for CO₂ applications provides you with the most cost effective compression solution for your process.

Expansion Turbines

Our integrally geared radial expanders are applied where energy can be recovered from medium to high temperature off-gas or process gas streams from chemical and other industrial processes. 

Gas Engine Solutions

From modernizations & upgrades, scheduled overhauls, and repairs to spare parts, our global team of highly qualified specialists is dedicated to delivering dependable and on-going support.

Services portfolio

Compressor Services

Compressor Services

Visit our Customer Extranet Portal for all of your compressor service requests and information needs.

Training Services

Compressor, gas turbine, and steam turbine training from the industrial experts. Learn how to operate & maintain reciprocating compressors, centrifugal compressors, gas turbines and steam turbines.

Modernizations & Upgrades

Keep your compression equipment up to date and running efficiently. Whether you have ageing equipment, changes in operating conditions, or you are at the early stages of outage planning, we can help you optimize your compressor performance.

Remote Diagnostic Services

Optimize asset production by turning operational data into value. In a proactive approach, we monitor the complete range of rotating equipment to identify a potential problem before it impacts operation.

Service Agreements for Rotating Equipment

Optimize your operation with our Long Term Service Program, FlexLTP, a condition-based maintenance program created to meet unique needs and requirements by new digital possibilities.

Dry Gas Seals

Increase efficiency, reliability and sustainability. Our goal is to minimize your ongoing wet seal costs, unscheduled downtime and resulting productivity losses.

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