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Trench & HSP Group – Ready to be your bushing partner

The Trench & HSP Group is one of the largest bushing manufacturers in the world. It operates bushing factories in Germany, France and China. These factories manufacture a wide range of bushing products for power transformers, gas-insulated switchgear, breakers, generators, buildings, test equipment, rail road systems and other special applications.
Ester impregnated bushing

Ester-impregnated paper transformer bushing

Oil impregnated bushing for IEC market

Oil-impregnated paper (OIP) transformer bushing - IEC

Oil impregnated bushing for IEEE market

Oil-impregnated paper (OIP) transformer bushing - IEEE

Bushings for IEEE market

Siemens Energy offers the new generation of OIP (Oil Impregnated Paper) condenser bushings designed and tested according to IEEE Standard

resin impregnated transformer bushing

Resin-impregnated transformer bushing

Resin impregnated wall bushing

Resin-impregnated wall bushing

Oil impregnated wall bushing

Oil-impregnated wall bushing



Trench together with HSP - a pioneer for dry type bushings – is one of the leading bushing manufacturers in the world with a very broad portfolio.


Trench and HSP bushings are available in a wide variety of internal insulation technologies including

  • Oil-impregnated Paper (OIP)
  • Resin-impregnated Paper (RIP)
  • Resin-impregnated Synthetics (RIS)
  • Resin-impregnated Glassfiber (RIG)
  • Ester-impregnated and
  • SF6  gas.

They are available with a variety of external insulation materials including porcelains in brown or grey; Epoxy-resin for indoor applications and silicone rubber compounds for heavy pollution or high seismic areas.


A bushing is an electrical engineering component that insulates a high-voltage conductor passing through a metal enclosure or a building. Bushings are needed on:

  • Transformers
  • Buildings
  • Air- and Gas-insulated switchgear (AIS/GIS)
  • Generators
  • Other high-voltage equipment

Whatever your requirement is, the Trench and HSP Group has the right bushing for your application.