Electronic Pre-Combustion Chamber Injector (ePCi™)

Maintenance Solutions for Integral Gas Engines

Mechanical check valve failures in gas compression engines leads to increased misfire rates,  reduced engine life, and the need for frequent replacement. Siemen Energy's ePCi will increase the reliability and durability of your engine.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduces engine component due to reduced misfires or incomplete ignition
  • Increased time between maintenance intervals from 3-6 months to 24 months
  • Eliminates sticking PCC check valves
  • Reduced hydrocarbon emissions
  • Easier engine startups
  • Precise fuel admission control
  • Faster troubleshooting of engine issues
  • Saves time of operators and engine analysts due to continuous monitoring of fueling

        Technical Descriptions

        • Environmental Operating Temperature: -4 to 302º F (-20 to 150º C)
        • Gas Supply Pressure: 0 to 100 psig (0 to 689.5 kPa)
        • Gas Supply Temperature: -4 to 185º F (-20 to 85º C)
        • Gas Quality: pipeline quality natural gas (gas must contain negligible amounts of H2S)


              The product is ideal for slow speed, two and four-stroke integral gas compression engines. In addition, clients with medium speed gas compression engines can benefit from this product.

              Support Services and Implementation

              Typical manufacturing lead times vary for standard parts depending on the factory workload.

              ePCiTM can be bundled with larger scope emission reduction and reliability improvement projects.