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Data centers are the backbone of the ever developing digital world. They have been facing the challenge of growing electricity demand, high availability requirements together with intermittent renewable power causing lower stability of the grids and of course the ambitious carbon emission reduction targets. The solution to power availability and quality lies within the reach: flexible power generation and storage technologies with carbon emissions cut to zero.

Utilizing waste heat from data centers is one of our opportunities to refrain from gas or oil – whether heating a greenhouse or a complete district. When operated with green hydrogen or other clean fuels instead of fossil fuels, the power-related CO2 emissions can be reduced to zero. In that case, data centers would supply carbon-neutral heat.

Ultimately, the integration of intermittent renewable energy threatens the regular operation of data centers until balancing equipment and storage capacities are available in the public grid to absorb fluctuations and resolve the availability gap. 


Data center operators even have to take measures to protect their facilities from problems with the power grid, from premature aging of components in their power distribution system to the construction of appropriate energy storage facilities. At the same time, they need to decarbonize their own environmental footprint.

Grid Technologies

As your global partner, we have a local presence. Our grid technologies include connecting high voltage grids with sustainable and clean air technology starting from HV power transformers, HV switchgear, HV instrument transformers, control & protection, substation automation systems, MV transformers, or storage of power. The combined and integrated solutions bring HV power from the transmission grid to data center buildings, where it can be stored as a backup.

On-site Power Generation

In addition to the public grid,  on-site power generation can make a significant contribution to reducing a data center’s carbon footprint while stabilizing the power supply. If biogas or green hydrogen is used instead of fossil fuels, the power-related CO2 emissions can even be reduced to zero.


Growing demands on availability are causing many operators to look for new ways to supply sufficient and reliable power. A possible solution is a gas turbine, such as the SGT-A05. With it, we offer you an aero-derivative gas turbine that ramps up to full load in a mere 60 seconds while offering optimal fuel flexibility and hot restart capability. 


The SGT-A05 isn’t just the perfect turbine for baseload operation: Its more than 129 million operating hours speak for themselves, just like its 99.5 percent base load availability.

With the base load availability and the demonstrated start reliability and you have a perfect base load machine and a turbine for peak power that can replace diesel gensets for an emergency power supply. In the latter case, the appropriate battery will provide sufficient power to bridge the first minute, until base load is reached. 

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When you’re considering installing and running an on-site power generation solution, you need a partner who knows their way around the energy business. A partner with Siemens Energy reliability and expertise acquired over more than a century in all areas of power generation and transmission.

Sustainability Report 2022

We are proud about the progress we have made across all areas of the sustainability program. Learn more on our targets and performance.

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As much as we’d like to offer you package solutions for your on-site power supply, in our dialogues with global customers we’ve found that not all processes can be standardized. Therefore, the projects we present here are highly customized solutions. This underscores our ability to develop solutions for all of our customers’ special challenges.